Leona Chin is not just a prominent figure in the world of motorsports; she’s also a versatile professional who offers a wide range of services that cater to various aspects of the racing industry. Her dedication and skills extend beyond the racetrack, making her a valuable asset in motorsports and related fields. Let’s take a closer look at the services rendered by this accomplished racing driver.

1. Digital & Social Media Advertising: Leona Chin has a strong presence on digital and social media platforms. She offers advertising services that can help promote brands, products, or events to a wider audience in the motorsports community.

2. Motorsport Athlete Talent Management: Leona excels in identifying and nurturing motorsport talent. She provides guidance and support to emerging racers, helping them reach their full potential.

3. Social Influencer Talent Management: With her substantial social media following and influence, Leona assists social media influencers in the motorsports niche to grow their profiles and reach a broader audience.

4. Motorsport Events & Promotion: Leona has extensive experience in organizing and promoting motorsport events. Her expertise ensures that these events run smoothly and attract a large audience.

5. Models & Promoters: Leona can help coordinate models and promoters for events, ensuring that they align with the motorsport brand and message.

6. Roadshows & Street Teams: Leona’s team can set up roadshows and street teams for brand promotions, creating a buzz around racing events and related products.

7. Car Stunt Performance Demo: Leona is a skilled car drifter, and her team can perform car stunts that captivate audiences at various events.

8. Photography & Videography Services: Leona offers photography and videography services to capture thrilling moments during races, events, and promotional activities.

9. Content Creation for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Reels: Leona’s expertise extends to creating engaging content for various social media platforms. She can produce captivating videos and posts that resonate with motorsport enthusiasts, helping to boost your online presence and engagement.

10. Media Drives: Leona and her team can arrange media drives, giving journalists and bloggers a firsthand experience of motorsports.

11. Corporate Taxi Rides: This service provides corporate clients with thrilling taxi rides, letting them experience the adrenaline of motorsports firsthand.

12. Motorsport Training: Leona offers training programs to improve the skills of aspiring racers, whether it’s drifting, circuit racing, or other motorsport disciplines.

13. Motorsport Racing Management: Her team can manage motorsport racing events, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

14.Driving Instructor: Leona Chin extends her expertise and passion for motorsports as a driving instructor. She imparts her extensive knowledge and exceptional driving skills to individuals aspiring to improve their racing and driving abilities. Leona’s guidance and mentorship provide valuable insights to her students, making her a respected figure in the world of motorsport education.

15. Ambassadorship for Brands: Leona Chin has built a strong personal brand, making her an ideal ambassador for brands in the motorsport industry. Her influence and reputation can be leveraged to promote your products or services to a wide and engaged audience.

16. Event Organising for Motorsport: Leona Chin, with her extensive experience in motorsport, is well-equipped to organize and manage motorsport events. Whether it’s a thrilling race day, a car exhibition, or an adrenaline-pumping motorsport show, Leona can facilitate and execute successful motorsport events that captivate audiences and participants alike.

17. Women Empowerment Talks: Leona Chin is a fervent advocate for women’s empowerment, particularly in motorsports. She actively engages in public speaking and hosts empowerment talks, aiming to inspire and encourage women to break barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields. Leona’s powerful speeches and personal experiences serve as a source of motivation for women looking to pursue careers in motorsport and other challenging industries.