6th World Most Outstanding Grandmaster Excellence Award Malaysia’s Most Outstanding Female Motorsport Athlete Grandmaster Excellence Awards […]
If you went to Blastacars Malaysia Sg Wang, Please tag me in this wall aight. Google […]
Source: Oriental Daily – Writen by 郑宇晴 喜欢赛车的女性本来就少,而专业的女赛车手在这个领域可说是凤毛麟角。虽说体力上女性天生比男性来得要弱一些,但不代表女性弱不禁风。本地专业女赛车手陈莉慧(Leona Chin,亦以译名“利念娜”闻名),在去年的国内赛车场中拿下多项赛事冠军,成为本地马来西亚锦标赛系列(MCS)上首位摘冠的女性。 “我一直都很想证明给大家看,女性也能赛车,我们不比男性逊色。”陈莉慧从出道开始,便一直以证明女性、打破赛车界以男性为主导的刻板印象,去年她终于做到了!提起这件事时,陈莉慧笑说并未想过能夺冠,这是两年来不断练习下的最大的收获。 There are very few women who […]
Malaysia Championship Series 300KM Endurance Race was unbelievable! Thank you Team Tedco Racing! Thank you to […]
I am delighted to announce that I have a new sponsor. Welcome, Dynapac Asia Pacific for […]
The return of the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) gave a chance for Leona Chin to get […]
The Revealing of my new Go Kart! ON VOLUME. Thank you NGK Spark Plugs Malaysia for […]
  Famed Malaysian racer Leona Chin details the hardship during her career and the support she […]
Proton R3 concluded the 2019 season with another win at the 2019 edition of the Sepang […]
          Leona Chin wins third at the Malaysian Championship Series Round 3, […]
  https://www.businessinsider.com/drifting-physics-explained-driving-fast-furious-2019-6/?IR=T Following is a transcript of the video. Narrator: Drifting, the most exhilarating and mesmerizing exhibition […]
Relak jer, jom pandu dengan lebih selamat bersama Sweet Cherry! Siapa yang sedang memakai car seat […]
The voice command features is not exactly a new tech in cars nowadays. But what’s special […]
PETRONAS SIC Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) Awards The Star Newspaper 2019 – 13 Feb – […]
  #iflixFREE event Thank you iFlix for inviting me to the launching #CARAOKEDRIFT #IflixOriginals 😀😀 watch free on IflixApp […]
新的viu视频 “ 我是女人” by Lu Yin Wai In partnership with Prudential Malaysia, I am Woman series is out on […]
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    Leona Chin WHAT ARE LEONA’S limits? Her commercial mug has adorned  countless  adverts  and  […]
[EMOTORSPORTS] RACEROOM MALAYSIA brings virtual racing experience for Malaysians, RACEROOM Racing Experience or R3E is a […]
  source: http://bit.ly/2x2KSH7 Monday, 7 August 2017 Pro-racer Chin switches role BY VINCENT TAN Supporting role: Chin discussing […]
An Amazing 5 days Car Stunts movie shooting with Ka Lok Stunt Hong Kong Team & […]
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I was invited by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia at a very last minute to the Kuching Sarawak […]