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DIY Lipsticks Made with CPTG Tested Essential Oils
* FREE of Chemicals, 100% Natural Ingredients
* Readystock items
* Price included postage
* 无矿合物, 无化学物, 100% 天然成分
* 现货预购
* 价钱包括运费 contact 019-332 2820
Let’s talk about our lipstick, Pure Lips

The biggest difference between Homemade Pure Natural Essential Oil Lipsticks and Brand Lipsticks is that they do not have any chemical additives.

There are no antiseptic chemicals, no lead and mercury additions, and just the most natural plant-derived toners, natural farm beeswax, coconut oils and the most important CPTG tested natural essential oils.

说说我们的口红, 御唇



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