Motorsports in Malaysia is growing and there are so many types of categories that you can participate in. 



You can always explore and try every type of category and find out which is one is your favourite one.

Circuit Racing, Rally, Gymkhana, Drift, Go Kart, Drag, Hill Climb?

Just make sure you take racing off the streets, keep the public roads safe! 

Are you planning to take motorsports to the next level?

Would you be planning to Compete in National Races?

Malaysian Championship Series? Malaysia Speed Festival? SagaCup ? SEPANG 1000KM ? Toyota Gazoo Racing TGR?

If you are ready to compete in motor racing activities in the country; Malaysia.

Here’s what you should do.

Find out how below…


If the event is sanctioned by MAM, then yes.

A National Competition License is issued by the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM). It is for events sanctioned by the FIA to apply for your competition license with MAM to ensure your eligibility to compete and for your rights as a competitor are legally protected. The International Federation of Motorsports (FIA)- the world’s governing bodies for motorsports for 4 wheels – has given their recognition for MAM to as the sanctioning body of Malaysia’s motorsports activities and events.

To apply for the competition license under MAM, you will require the following documents:


1. Photocopy NRIC (1 copy)

2. 1 copy of your photo (passport size)

3. Previous competition license (if any)

4. 1 copy of your Driving License JPJ (if any)

5. Completed medical report a medical examination form.

(can be downloaded from MAM website and is to be filled by the doctor/clinic/hospital of any clinics or hospitals)


6. Payment slip – MAM account details

  • Bank: Maybank
  • Name: Motorsports Association of Malaysia
  • Account Number: 5123 5260 4088

(Applicants MUST scan and send by email the complete documents (application form, medical, photo, photocopy IC and payment slip)

to  them and handover the hard copy during the day of the respective events).

5. Collect at Sepang Office

7. Applicants below 18 years old are required to have got their guardian’s signature at the parent/guardian consent section in the form

8. License fee: Example: SEE BELOW




  • Motorsports Association of Malaysia(MAM)
    1st floor, Paddock Office,
    Sepang International Circuit,
    Jalan Pekeliling, 64000 KLIA



Other information





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    • Prepare a race car before you take the license.
      To Prepare a race car, you need budget planned out. Aim for which category you want to join.
      Then prepare the car according to the racing regulation rules book.

      you may contact ( +60 12-320 5454 ) Mr. Joshua Thiran. to find out more information.
      He may have racecars for rent or for sale.

      You may join Team Millennium Motorsports Asia.

  1. May I know how can I join motorsport?
    Do I need a performance car before joining motorsport?
    How can I become a circuit racer?

    • May I know how can I join motorsport?
      You can join various types of motorsport that may interest you. For a beginner, you can try MSF Racing races
      Do I need a performance car before joining motorsport?
      You need to have a car spec that follows their regulations, modifications are neccessary.
      You may contact Millennium Motorsport Asia for racecar rental and preparations to MSF Racing ( +60 12-320 5454 ) Mr. Joshua Thiran.

      How can I become a circuit racer?
      You can start with your own car and prepare a budget you are willing to spend before you are ready.
      you may contact ( +60 12-320 5454 ) Mr. Joshua Thiran. to find out more information.

  2. How can be racer? My dream.. most of people said a girl can’t be a racer.. but I believe myself.. but I don’t know the process
    .. can help me

  3. Hi there..I’m interested in racing but I’m only 15….and I’ve been karting before…and it just made me feel like I’m a racer …my dream is to be a race car driver….I asked my father but he wouldn’t allow me, because of this pandemic..and he doesn’t have enough money…I’m sure I will be a racer one day

    • Hi, there are many other ways you can explore motorsport during this pandemic, you can as your dad to support you in E-motorsports since it is the government in many countries that support E-sports and can actually have a positive impact to your driving skills and knowledge. You can consider getting a Simulator Rig and Steering Wheel and a Playstation 4 with GT Sport at the start. You can also consider Computer PC however the graphic cards for PC games are very expensive.
      Just as karting is as expensive. but I would recommend Motorsport Gaming as it is the safest right now during this pandemic.

  4. Hi im an international student studying in Malaysia. Can i get a MAM license so i can enter drifting and gymkhana events in Malaysia. Thanks 😊

    • At the moment, drifting and gymkhana events do not need MAM license. This license is only for events that are sanctioned by this Association

  5. You need to have a car spec that follows their regulations, modifications are neccessary.

    From where I can know the regulations?

  6. Hi, there i’m really interested to be a part of the racing team especially drift. Is there any possible opportunities for me? Like a racecar for rent? I only practice with drift simulator.

  7. I’m inspired by initial d. I really wanna be a racer. But how? If I have chance to choose what type of category , I will choose drifting for sure and I really wanna learn how to drift…..

    • Go kart is the easiest way to get into motorsports. Try to participate in Local Go kart events or Track Days at Sepang

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