PROJECT CAR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7started off with a simple chat but in a matter short of two months we scouted for an EVO to race and found it. On Aug 1st, I bought the car and sent it straight to workshop. We got the car ready in less than a month. People said it was impossible to finish in less than 1 month. #lastminute #motorsports


However, with our dedication and passion and perseverance, it made us go through this difficult time challenge. Guess what?

We did it!

Although with financial constrains, i took out my own funding to invest in for this project but also looked for partners near and far and managed to get help from many supportive friends and partners!

During the time in the workshop, we had so many technical issues.

My Race Machine named the #SilverSamurai, rushed out of the workshop, drove straight to Sepang Circuit and it was just it in time to go in for scrutineering and then straight to the qualifying session for MSF Super Turismo Race. It was tough because we had no trackdays to test out the car. It was a very risky project! Anything could happen in an endurance race.

It really stress us out!

Despite all of that, we finished the Enduro with some hiccups and technical issues, we got 4th in SuperStreet Category.

Big thanks to team leader Akina Teo, head mechanic and second driver Kenneth Lau Pit Works for countless nights working on the engine and car.

Also his dedicated technical boys MahLau and Toon who worked non stop even past midnight till morning. Mr Larry From Tonnka, Mr Alex, Mr Wayne Lee Ken Weng, Mr Joshua Thiran, Mr Young Seok Yoo from Stream Korea, Mr Chandra Kumar and Mr Daniel Lee from Five55 Productions Mr Brandon Cw from Roadmaster Automotive, Mr Vincent Kek from Tom’s Stickers, Mr Tom Kek from Tom’s Stickers, Mr Lee Vicren from Federal Tires, Mr Addy Yu from Toptul Malaysia, Mr 戴祺胜 from Carpit Malaysia, Mr Khoo Boo Hian and Sangeet Singh from GoPro Malaysia, Mr Chong Lek Janfrom RaceRoom Malaysia, and all our #partners, and also all the friends who came to the pit to visit us and the All the Photographers who took our photos during the event!

See you again Next round of MSF.

P.s. Still looking for Main Partner for next round





PROJECTCAR EVO是因为通过简单的聊天开始的,但是在短短的两个月内,我们一直在寻找一辆EVO来参加比赛并找到它了。 8月1日,我买了EVO并直接送到车间。我们在不到一个月的时间内准备好了汽车。人们都说不可能在1个月完成的,但我们做到了。我拿出自己的资金投资这个项目,但也得到了许多支持我的朋友和合作伙伴的帮助!

非常感谢团队领导人Akina Teo,首席机械师兼第二车手Kenneth Lau Pit Works为发动机和汽车工作了无数个夜晚。他的工作人员MahLau和Toon也不停地工作。 Larry来自Tonnka先生,Alex先生,Wayne Lee Ken Weng先生,Joshua Thiran先生,来自Stream Korea的Young Seok Yoo先生,来自Five55 Productions的Chandra Kumar先生和Daniel Lee先生来自Roadmaster Automotive的Brandon Cw先生,Vincent Kek Tom先生的贴纸先生,Mr Tom’s Stickers的Tom Kek,FEDERAL轮胎的Lee Vicren先生,Toptul Malaysia的Addy Yu先生,Carpit Malaysia的戴祺胜先生,GoPro Malaysia的Kho Boo Hian先生和Sangeet Singh先生,马来西亚RaceRoom的Jason先生以及我们所有的伙伴们#partners以及所有来到维修站的朋友和在活动期间拍摄我们照片的所有摄影师!




#DeegitalVenturesHoldings #lancerevolution #lancer
Main Partner wanted ! !
Collaborations pls email

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