[EMOTORSPORTS] RACEROOM MALAYSIA brings virtual racing experience for Malaysians, RACEROOM Racing Experience or R3E is a unique eMotorsports championship offered to Malaysians for the first time. Developed through its studios in Europe and in Kuala Lumpur, this concept brings you a virtual racing experience of the Sepang International Circuit, which can be enjoyed from the confines of your living room or like in the past days on the simulators of the F1 events. A huge crowd tried to qualify in the Time Attack qualifying for the Multi Player Finals, where finally 20 talented virtual racers fight for the podium of the RACEROOM simulators. This high-quality virtual reality racing experience is being introduced in conjunction with the F1 race and a new way of racing to ensure that Malaysians remain, increase their involvement in motorsports. I managed to get my hands behind the wheels of the RACEROOM’s high end machines consists of racing simultors that are equipped with wide screen monitors, racing seats and high tech steering wheels and pedal units provided an incomparably realistic feeling that normally only a real race can experience. This Thrilling multiplayer race can b against your friends and is pretty fun! and tiring too! more info go to game.raceroom.com
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To celebrate the launch of RaceRoom Malaysia and the release of Sepang, RaceRoom presents a special online competition for all drivers from Asia and all around the world. The powerful Formula RaceRoom X-17 is the first car to conquer the tarmac of Sepang.

You need to own the Sepang Circuit, but the FR X-17 can be used for free for the duration of the competition. For everyone who participates in the competition and who owns the FR X-17, you will recieve the PETRONAS livery as a giftafter the competition.

In addition, the fastest Asian driver will receive a special extra prize. His name will be used as the name of the AI driver of the Petronas FR X-17. Your name will be represented in RaceRoom forever!






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