I was invited by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia at a very last minute to the Kuching Sarawak 4×4 Jamboree. Right before my Korea trip, i had 2 hours to pack my camping gears and set it one side.


DDP LED Rose Garden Lights at 0 degrees in seoul



That’s me on my last night in Korea. Meeting my cardboard oppa Kwangsoo.


Giant Brown bear in Korea to send me off~ ^merry christmas^

Just a day before that I was actually at Korea for the WebTVAsia Awards 2016 held at Korea. I took a flight to KLIA and told my sister to meet me at the airport where I swapped bags to my camping gear and took the evening flight to Kuching the same day.



  1. Pack an extra camping bag in the car to swap!


It was a pretty hectic week for me. Weather difference from Korea (-4 degrees) and to Kuching (40 degrees) in the jungle.

2. KK mart in Kuching has everything!

I had packed everything I thought I could in the camping bag and I found out I forgot to bring my towel and my slippers. With such a hot weather, I didn’t need to bring my oversized coats which saved a lot of space. I brought with me essential items like insect repellant, lots of tshirts, a large poncho ( very important for toilet breaks) , and torch light, and my toiletries like wet wipes, and my hiking boots was a must! Lucky for 24hour marts, I managed to find a pair of slippers and a new towel. The next day early morning, checked out of my hotel and we gathered at the Kuching City Clock Court House for the opening flag off ceremony.

3. Get good Mud boots for driving !


There were many media members there to cover the event.

I had a chance to get interviewed by Malaysia’s local tv broadcasting channel RTM



After group photos we were ready to set off on our jamboree with all the 4 Triton variants ( VGT and MIVEC) and manual and auto models.

They assigned me the VGT Diesel Auto model  , car 04 for the whole challenge. I was pretty stoked! The Triton VGT had essential mods upgrade that is suitable for going through the toughest hardcore terrain. Upgraded front grilles, an aftermarket winch, LED flood lights, hiked up suspensions for crossing rivers and ditches, Mud terrain tires, snorkel to assist in water crossings.




4. bring a monopod / gopro for selfies!

Look at my excited face ! I am so ready to go into the jungle again with my jungle mate Jassie from MMM







Due to the tight schedule, we had to meet the other team members  on the way to the hardcore section at Bau as they were flying from KK to Kuching. So we met along the highway and waited for them to hop in our machines.

We turned in to the hardcore section and met pretty deep ditches and rough paths along the way. It looked as if it is not possible but with the guidance from the masters of offroad, I paved my way slowly and  shoot “tembak” the car and got out of it without much effort! I’m surprised that the automatic was such a breeze to drive.


5. When the road is dry and bumpy, catch the momentum and keep climbing up! don’t stop halfway!





Driving the triton was a blast!




Thanks to ah hao and his team who help us go through the tough experience together! it was enjoyable


The climb up “the stairs” had 6 levels and going up every level was pretty exciting. The moment reaching the top, felt like a great accomplishment because our 4 tritons didn’t use the winch.

15349635_1225481787513115_4102264011090002624_n 15241190_1225480910846536_4994551418895547430_n 15317731_1225482710846356_5111921707397382140_n 15317794_1225459987515295_1065350379156723144_n 15400346_1225459924181968_5241974560286385723_n 15317757_1225459864181974_8481258853188472823_n   15355568_1225463397514954_8121770475671686682_n 15442217_1225460827515211_5757644689378106228_n 15355580_1225463000848327_9017185763350422569_n 15319072_1225459817515312_5377763383072222390_n 15439762_1225460957515198_7262657244713201438_n 15400301_1225462537515040_8498508311086850780_n 15380812_1225463014181659_3063015728534881387_n 15337464_1225460820848545_506626361023591102_n








Lunch time we had Maggie Noodles Curry Flavor with EGG!! Ohh so Delishous! Ladies first!~ ^_^


After lunch, sleep while the others climb up the hill 😀



Jungle lunch~~ Economy rice with vege and fish



What can I say~ I had a blast ! it was a great experience and it’s was great to be part of it. We made it back to Kuching to freshen up before we headed to the closing dinner ceremony where the awards and certificates were given to the participants. There was live performances from Kpop style dance studio a country band ” the hybrids” they played music all through the night


We lived through 2 jungle experience together~ #jungleladies haha~









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