2015.1 Timetoattack by Zerotohundred.com 12th April Round1

April 13, 2015

Zerotohundred.com is one of the most earliest car enthusiast portal forums in Malaysia and was founded by Tom Goh who is an avid car enthusiast and his partners who are also car lovers. This website has been established for more than 10 years and it is still very active in the car reviews, car talks and classifieds. Tom and his fellow partners saw a need in the Highend Cars Time…


Boxza Bangkok Gymkhana 2014

Boxza Bangkok Gymkhana 2014 was held at Bangkok Rama 9 Grand Central Plaza Car park. The event was held on 28th Sept 2014. Most of the participants were based from Thailand. Only 2 handfull of us were from Neighbouring countries. The exciting event made coverage on the live streaming site as it was shown live on webcast. Due to the amount of participants reaching more than 100, the event lasted…

October 9, 2014