F-TEAM Leona Chin qualifies Top 16 – 炫风车手陈莉慧进入强16队

The only Malaysian participant to participate in a Motorsport related Reality TV show in China by China Guang Dong TV Station . The show in Chinese is called 炫风车手. In direct translation is Cool Wind Driver, but the TV show in English is called F-TEAM. Leona 陈莉慧 is one of 36 members who will be competing in the series of Motorsport related activities to make it to the top and be…

September 14, 2015

Malaysia’s Girl Racer Video – Leona Chin featured on China TV show

Malaysia’s Girl Racer Video – Leona Chin  featured on China TV show #炫风车手陈莉慧# Leona Chin driving a sky blue Hyundai Genesis Coupe owned by X-Racing from Shenzhen China.   Tires were sponsored by GITI Tires China from Shanghai. My helper/bodyguard in the pic is Mr Besi Kuning   The crowd was out of control when they saw me exiting from the studio. All began taking selfies with me, I was overwhelmed….

July 18, 2015

What is 炫风车手 F-Team about?

F-Team Reality TV Show from Guangdong TV China Channel created China’s first original car competitive reality show. Broadcasts Every Friday 9:10PM (90 Minutes) Guangdong TV Channel   Intro of First Episode   This entertainment program is a starting point for introducing talented drivers, who shows off their set of skills and professional racing through this reality show as a whole, hosted by a line of star performers such as Jimmy…

July 15, 2015