Malaysia’s Girl Racer Video – Leona Chin featured on China TV show

Malaysia’s Girl Racer Video – Leona Chin  featured on China TV show #炫风车手陈莉慧# Leona Chin driving a sky blue Hyundai Genesis Coupe owned by X-Racing from Shenzhen China.   Tires were sponsored by GITI Tires China from Shanghai. My helper/bodyguard in the pic is Mr Besi Kuning   The crowd was out of control when they saw me exiting from the studio. All began taking selfies with me, I was overwhelmed….

July 18, 2015

What is 炫风车手 F-Team about?

F-Team Reality TV Show from Guangdong TV China Channel created China’s first original car competitive reality show. Broadcasts Every Friday 9:10PM (90 Minutes) Guangdong TV Channel   Intro of First Episode   This entertainment program is a starting point for introducing talented drivers, who shows off their set of skills and professional racing through this reality show as a whole, hosted by a line of star performers such as Jimmy…

July 15, 2015