iAcro Shanghai China with Giti Tires

April 4, 2017

  Invitation from Giti China to participate in iAcro Shang Hai event 利念娜被邀请参加iAcro举办的 汽车活动,佳通轮胎为活动赞助。 利念娜到上海的博大汽车公园驾驶Nissan 日产 Skyline R32 负责人 苏先生。 With WebTVAsia Team @tony @sheaumei @cheewai and Kuraz Motorsports @akinateo #webtvasia #iacro #giticompete Location : Broad Auto Park Shanghai 博大汽车公园 Source: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/9aT2B1qFgDsjfxorFbw7mw   上个周六的上海博大汽车公园,被轮胎的啸叫声和漂移所扬起的烟尘覆盖。 Last Saturday’s Shanghai Broad large car park, covered by the tires of the tires and drift of the smoke.   在国内最大的改装组织之一iAcro的春季复苏聚会上,新增加了一个环节。那就是前来参加聚会的车友们可以开着自己的车去计时挑战一条“金卡纳”赛道,在捉对厮杀之后最终的优胜者,还能获得奖品。 In the country’s largest modified organization…


Viral Fest Asia by WebTVAsia 亚洲热播盛典倒计时宣传视频

September 23, 2016

  Viral Fest Asia ( Everybody’s Going Viral) Event was held at GWK, Bali Indonesia. Gathering of Asia’s Top Digital Artistes. Bringing together fan base of 150 million. Most Trending Social Media Topics. Graced by the Minister of Tourism Indonesia H.E. Mr Arief Yahya and Fred Chong Group CEO of WebTVAsia   Artist that performed on stage were Haoren from Malaysia Jannine Weigel from Thailand Noir from Japan Henley Hii…


Leona’s First Buriram Thailand Racing Weekend (利念娜第一次来泰国赛车场比赛)

June 22, 2016

The Third round of Clio Cup China Series was held at Buriram Thailand, which is 6 hours drive from Bangkok. It was a great experience, an expensive experience. It was tough experience too. I didn’t qualify in Q1 due to another competitor hit me on my outlap. Started last and finished 4th place. Wasn’t my best result, finished 4th for both races in the weekend but I’m sure this is…


Watch this Girl Prank unsuspecting customers with her crazy drifting skills

January 4, 2016

Remember the nerdy girl from the Driving Instructor instructor prank? She’s back! They got Malaysian YouTube channel MaxMan.TV and Leona Chin, a professional motorsport athlete to help out with this prank Leona Chin is about to prank some customers from a car show room posing a petite new sales staff. Leona, who just happens to be a professional racer, was disguised as a first-time sales girl   One even suggested that she…


Caterham Race 11 and 12 Report as told by Pit Talk Asia

December 23, 2015

DECEMBER 16, 2015 AN EXCITING END TO THE INAUGURAL SEASON RACE 11 Pole sitter Marcus Chye got off to a flying start in his 420R as his rival Gilbert Ang was very slow off the line allowing Tan Pye Sen to beat him into turn 1 where he held off the young champion for four laps. The Supersport class had a close start with Imran diving on the inside of…


Caterham Motorsports 2015 Championship points Standings

November 24, 2015

Caterham Motorsports  Championship points Standings Supersport  No. NAME TOTAL POINTS Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Race 10 41 Halim Mu’Azzam 112 15 12 10 15 15 15 – – 15 15 98 Leona Chin 83 12 15 12 12 DNF 12 – – 12 8 99 Shirendra Lawrence 79 8 10 15 10 10 8 – –…


SNF Racing Championship 2015 – Saga Cup

November 24, 2015

        Saga Cup Pos.         Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 5 Round 6 TOTAL No. Name Tuner Model/Engine Pnts Pnts Pnts Pnts Quali Best Lap Final Heat Best Lap Points POINTS 1st 1 Joshua Thiran Millenium Motorsports Asia Saga 1.5 220 310 315 255 3 150 1250 2nd 78 Toh Jenn Her / Liew Kwee Weng ST Wangan Saga 1.5 195 170 255…


Tesla Car in Malaysia

November 22, 2015

  Just a week ago, I was invited by Daniel Ng from Ittify to attend a special invite to a Tesla showcase as they were launching in Malaysia. This was an exclusive showcase courtesy of Tesla Malaysia and Cyberview. The EV Experience Day event happened on 14th November and was at the Persiaran Flora Cyberjaya.  I  asked a few friends that were keen to tag with me  so I asked…


WebTVAsia Awards 2015

November 21, 2015

WebTVAsia Awards 2015 is an inaugural showpiece to celebrate the explosive growth of Asia’s most wanted video content across major digital platforms, and recognize the top creators for their excellent achievements in this exciting arena. This year’s slogan for the awards show is “Celebrate Asia” and more than 30 awards were presented during the show. The inaugural WebTVAsia Awards 2015 which took place last Friday night at the Sunway Pyramid Convention…


Tokachi Speedway Wako’s Cup Rd3 Race Info

十勝スピードウェイ Tokachi Speedway 北海道唯一の本格的な国際サーキット場。 日本唯一の24時間耐久レースを毎年7月に開催。 The only full-fledged international Racing Track Hokkaido. Japan will be held only a 24-hour endurance race in every year in July 概観Overview 地図Map 分類タグ Classification tags サーキット場 Racing Track 住所Street address 更別村字弘和477 Sarabetsu Village Hirokazu 477 TEL 0155-52-3910 営業期間Working Date 4月上旬-11月下旬 In early April – late November 営業時間Working Time 08:30 – 17:30  月~金曜(木曜日は休日) 8:30 to 17:30 Mon to Friday (Thursday is a holiday) 08:00 – 17:30  土・日・祝日 08:00…

October 30, 2015