Malaysian Driver Shines in China

October 8, 2015

大马之光!女车神Leona Chin红到中国!漂移技术强到让林志颖惊呆大赞好强…… Malaysia’s Light! Female driver Leona Chin Popular until China! Drift skills are strong enough to let Jimmy shocked  and praised her “good” “strong” ….. Leona Chin陈莉慧,除了长得漂亮,更令人惊叹的就是她那漂移、越野车技,是我国第一女赛车手。早前,社交网络也曾疯传一段她展现漂移技术来恶搞驾校教练的视频,而掀起网友的关注。 Not only beautiful, even more amazing is that her drift, off-road driving skills, is the first female racer from our country. Earlier, the social network has some crazy past skill she demonstrated drift driving pranking instructors video, which gave rise to online…


Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

October 4, 2015

Xperia™ C5 Ultra Dual       Sony recently launched the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual aka Selfie phone for selfie fanatics like me. The Ultra Dual has so many cool features that I really like.   1. The Front Selfie Camera Lens with auto focus has 13MP with a flash and HDR Photos and Video functions 2. The Giganitic Screen 6″ and Full HD 1080p , dimensions of  [164.2…


Venttec Visor Made in Malaysia – Available via Kuraz Motorsports

Kuraz Motorsports was established in year 2010 to develop automotive performance parts for Malaysian market.Our mission and vision is allow car lovers in Malaysia to enjoy online shopping at home, buyers around Malaysia get to their favourite automotive product at a very reasonable price. We are Made In Malaysia Product Our Product Was 90% same quality and design like Japan Original   *Condition – Brand new *Quantity -1 set 4…

October 1, 2015

Noicey App Launching Event Hot Drift with Leona

Noicey is a Community-Based Platform for Sharing Your Genuine Review & Getting Rewarded. Download it now to claim exclusive “Eat&Play” experiences.Get Noicey for iOS: Get Noicey for Android: What is NoiceyNoicey is a Community-Based Platform for Sharing Your Genuine Review & Getting Rewarded. Download it now to claim exclusive “Eat&Play” experiences.Get Noicey for iOS: Noicey for Android: Posted by Noicey on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

September 10, 2015

Watch This Girl Prank Unsuspecting Driving Instructors With Her Crazy Drifting Skills

July 22, 2015

Who ever said Malaysians are bad at driving? 谁说马来西亚人是坏司机?Published by Darian Goh A driving school in Malaysia welcomed their new driving instructors by pranking them on their first day of work 在马来西亚驾驶学校,迎来了他们的新驾驶教师,工作的第一天,糊弄他们 Image via They got Leona Chin, a professional motorsport athlete to help out with this prank 他们得到了陈莉慧,她是专业的赛车运动员,以帮助这个恶作剧 Image via MaxMan.TV Leona, who just happens to be a professional racer, was disguised as a first-time driver trying to get her P license 陈莉慧,谁恰好是一个专业的赛车手,被伪装成试图让她P牌照首次司机 Image via MaxMan.TV She…


中国粉丝们,你们好。我是陈莉慧, 来自马来西亚。

    我是陈莉慧, 来自马来西亚。我的国语不是很好因为我在家里说英文。             我的爸爸是客家人但是我不会说客家话。我十六岁时我的爸爸已经去世了。我爸爸是一位工商业家,买双鹤灵芝的保健品。                  我现在和母亲和我的妹妹一起住。我们住在马来西亚的雪兰儿州。我有三位姐姐。我们的家里没有男生。 我从十六岁开始喜欢车了。到了18 岁,得了我的驾照。20岁时,我有一辆后驱车,这辆车很原装的。我遇到一个朋友。他教我飘移的技术。 我练了几个小时就可以飘圈了。我就参加比赛学经验。 争取了轮胎的赞助后,我可以轻松一下。没得买新得轮胎。二手轮抬而已。 换了很多次得轮胎。 我22岁就进一个全女赛车队, 从那边学了赛车的技术。 在我国的 雪棒赛道 参加耐力赛。 我25岁跑金卡纳赛, 计时赛, 拉力赛。 现在已经有了我自己的赛队 - Kuraz Motorsports 我和我的队员 开始出国比赛了。最进出了泰国和印尼和新加坡去比赛金卡纳。 Kuraz Motorsports 也是个卖汽配的网路。 今年农历新年时, 我和我的朋友太得空没事做, 创造了一个搞笑的视频。 你们应该看过那个视频。 没什么原因的。这部视频去了很多个国家了。我也没想到会爆发的那么厉害。   今年我架 凯特勒姆 的场地赛 得了第一名。 希望能够进入中国赛车队参加各种赛车比赛。 我的愿望是称为 亚洲最棒的女车手。     粉丝们我很想跟你们说我非常感谢你们的评论。 我的微薄都是收到很多的评论和赞, 我觉得很高兴。 我会继续录炫风车手。继续的加油。 谢谢你们的支持。   微博 @leonachin 我的视频 正妹玩漂移 Leona Chin 陈莉慧 来自马来西亚

July 20, 2015

[Video] GoPro Session Launching @ Malaysia

July 16, 2015

So Small, So Stoked, launch of the GoPro Hero4 Session right here in Malaysia with GoPro Team USA and APAC, Girl Drifter Leona Chin and Peter Davis appearance drift show launching.   HERO4 Session packs the power of GoPro into  their smallest, lightest, most convenient camera yet, featuring a rugged and waterproof design, easy one-button control, 1080p60 video and 8MP photos.     Check out the drift demo VIDEO below


What is 炫风车手 F-Team about?

F-Team Reality TV Show from Guangdong TV China Channel created China’s first original car competitive reality show. Broadcasts Every Friday 9:10PM (90 Minutes) Guangdong TV Channel   Intro of First Episode   This entertainment program is a starting point for introducing talented drivers, who shows off their set of skills and professional racing through this reality show as a whole, hosted by a line of star performers such as Jimmy…

July 15, 2015

K3 Pit Motor – Automotive Service Center

K3 Pit Motor – Automotive Service Center Location: NO 15, JALAN DAHLIA 4/2, TMN DAHLIA, BDR BARU SALAK TINGGI, Sepang, Malaysia Contact : 014-712 0170 Services: Service Engine oil, Car Repair, Race Team Pit Crew Management, Specialist in Proton 4G Engines      

April 1, 2015


March 12, 2015

    Subkategori bagi Super 1500 NA adalah Saga 1500 NA. Subkategori ini dibuka bagi memenuhi permintaan ramai sejak tahun 2013. Bersifat kos rendah ternyata kategori ini mendapat penyertaan yang ramai. Siapa sangka dalam ketika heat 1 mereka berdua ini hanyalah berada dikelompok belakang namun menjelang heat yang kedua mereka berjaya menduduki tempat pertama dan ketiga. Mereka adalah Leona Chin dan Akina Teo. Sayang buat Joshua Thiran dan Dhayalan/Alif Hamdan…