[Photo] Wanita Hari Ini TV3 Guest by Leona Chin

February 15, 2016

Wanita Hari Ini TV3, live talk show aired at 12pm from Monday to Friday. Today I was invited as one of the guest along with Narimah Samat a 4×4 offroad female driver. Our topic of the talkshow today was about lady drivers and male drivers. It was an interesting topic that will go on an on forever. I tend to drive very safely on the roads as the road is…


CNY Message to all Malaysians by Leona Chin

February 8, 2016

Hi, I’m Leona Chin, a Malaysian motorsports athlete. Some of you may know me as Girl Drifter Leona Chin from my driving prank videos which went viral worldwide on social media the past year. Yes, I am Ma-lay-sian. Wherever I go in the world, they recognize me as being Ma-lay-sian. So.. how come in Malaysia I am labelled as a Chinese? Even in China they know I’m Malaysian. So weird…


[video] Leona Chin At Hitz FM MET 10 Awards

January 22, 2016

Leona at the Malaysian English Top 10 Awards to present award for best breakthrough performance and the winner went to DeFam Group check out the video below. Something happen on stage an it was pretty embarrassing to talk about it. Poor nerdy Virgel Sta Maria from Aboi TV had a stage fright and peed on stage while the nominees were being announced. http://hitz.fm/Features/Trendings/LOL/Maxman-tv-MET10-Awards-Stage-Accident-Presenter-We Stage 'accident' on hitz fm MET 10 Awards 2016…


Leona Chin is the Racing Ambassador for BRM Chronographes Malaysia

January 15, 2016

14 January 2016 Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur, Motorsport Athlete Leona Chin was announced as the latest Racing Ambassador for BRM Chronographes Malaysia. A Big Thank You to the attendees for gracing the launch of BRM Chronographes Malaysia racing ambassador. Bernard Richards Manufacture BRM Chronographes is a luxury watch of limited production, handcrafted with high quality mechanical performance. Made in France. Leona Chin meets founder of BRM Chronographes Mr. Bernard Richards himself…


[Video] My Japan Endurance Race as told by motorsportschannel.com

January 11, 2016

Malaysian Female drifter Leona Chin has been very active lately, with her latest exploits as an invitee to October-November’s Round 3 WAKOS Endurance Championship in Hokkaido, Japan. Leona was invited by Japanese Racing Team Tokachi Internatioal Motorsports to participate in the Endurance run. In September, Leona challenged current Volkswagen WRT’s Jari-Matti Latvala on a one-on-one duel, which was a part of the main highlight of the Volkswagen Polo weekend. Latvala…


Watch this Girl Prank unsuspecting customers with her crazy drifting skills

January 4, 2016

Remember the nerdy girl from the Driving Instructor instructor prank? She’s back! They got Malaysian YouTube channel MaxMan.TV and Leona Chin, a professional motorsport athlete to help out with this prank Leona Chin is about to prank some customers from a car show room posing a petite new sales staff. Leona, who just happens to be a professional racer, was disguised as a first-time sales girl   One even suggested that she…


Leona’s Crowdfunding Campaign Kicks Off! Send Leona to Japan! Time is running out!

October 13, 2015

  Let’s send beautiful Leona Chin to Japan to participate a car race in November! She needs your help!     Short Summary I am a motorsports athlete aka race car driver, funding is always a problem for me.  My Journey from Malaysia to Japan for an Endurance Race for one round costs $10,000. I am looking for your help to afford our teams flight tickets, flight transfers, accommodation, videographer…


Malaysian Driver Shines in China

October 8, 2015

大马之光!女车神Leona Chin红到中国!漂移技术强到让林志颖惊呆大赞好强…… Malaysia’s Light! Female driver Leona Chin Popular until China! Drift skills are strong enough to let Jimmy shocked  and praised her “good” “strong” ….. Leona Chin陈莉慧,除了长得漂亮,更令人惊叹的就是她那漂移、越野车技,是我国第一女赛车手。早前,社交网络也曾疯传一段她展现漂移技术来恶搞驾校教练的视频,而掀起网友的关注。 Not only beautiful, even more amazing is that her drift, off-road driving skills, is the first female racer from our country. Earlier, the social network has some crazy past skill she demonstrated drift driving pranking instructors video, which gave rise to online…


Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual

October 4, 2015

Xperia™ C5 Ultra Dual       Sony recently launched the Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Dual aka Selfie phone for selfie fanatics like me. The Ultra Dual has so many cool features that I really like.   1. The Front Selfie Camera Lens with auto focus has 13MP with a flash and HDR Photos and Video functions 2. The Giganitic Screen 6″ and Full HD 1080p , dimensions of  [164.2…