How to use Carpit App? video tutorial

April 21, 2017

  video closed caption: Ever wonder how I get my car tyre serviced amidst of my busy schedule? Well, let me tell you about CARPIT. Carpit offers the easiest way for your car tyre service with just a few taps away. First, sign up a Carpit account or simply gain access through your Facebook account. Under My Car tab, I have to register my car model and tyre measurements to…


Community Policing Help (CPHelp) App

April 20, 2017

Definitely would recommend to all my friends and family especially the ladies. This is a great app to keep. It require payment subscription but at a small amount. Any emergency help just click on the cphelp button and it will contact their hotline to respond to you quickly. See a crime? Involved in accident? Need help or ambulance? Press the button. A great initiative from CPHelp and Mr Kuan. Let’s…