Reopening of Malaysian Borders

Last updated on 1 APRIL 2022, 1815hrs (GMT+8)


Travel regulation for Malaysia

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Reopening of Malaysian Borders


Malaysia Airlines welcomes the reopening of Malaysia’s borders as the nation is transitioning to the endemic phase of COVID-19.


Travellers to Malaysia must fulfil the following General Protocols by the Malaysian authorities:


    • Before departure to Malaysia 
        • Download and update the MySejahtera app within a week before departing for Malaysia.


        • Travellers may refer here for Guidelines to Install and Register MySejahtera.


        • Complete the pre-departure form via the “Traveller” icon. 
          • Travellers with overseas-issued COVID-19 vaccine certificates must verify their digital COVID-19 vaccine certificates on
          • Foreign travellers are required to purchase COVID-19 medical insurance with minimum value of USD 20,000.
          • Fully vaccinated travellers will be issued a “Digital Traveller’s Card” and it will be reflected on their MySejahtera app.
          • Partially or unvaccinated travellers will be issued a digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) and it will be reflected on their MySejahtera app.
          • Travellers who do not have a traveller card display or HSO instructions on MySejahtera app are not allowed to continue their journey.


        • Travellers aged seven (7) years and above must take RT-PCR test two days before departure to Malaysia and upload the results on MySejahtera. Exceptions are given to travellers aged six (6) years and below (based on year of birth).


      • Post COVID-19 patient with infection between 6 to 60 days before departure must undergo a professional RTK-Antigen test 2 days before departure.


  • Within 24 hours upon arrival in Malaysia: 
      • Passengers aged seven (7) years and above are required to take a professionally administered RTK-Antigen test either at a private health facility or clinics approved by MOH’ s in the within 24 hours.


    • The RTK-Ag test results will be displayed in MySejahtera.


(Note: International passengers transiting in KLIA to Sabah and Sarawak must  undergo COVID-19 RTK-Ag test in KLIA.)


Please click here for General Procedure for Travellers at Air, Sea and Ground Crossing to Malaysia by Ministry of Health.



All passengers with confirmed booking to onwards connection are allowed to transit more than 24 hours and must abide by the respective country’s entry restrictions.


The latest procedures will supersede the following programme and requirements:


    • The lifting of temporary ban on 18 high-risk countries to Malaysia.


    • The existing requirement to wear the Digital Tracking Device (Digital Tracker).


    • Passengers will no longer need to apply for Home Quarantine Application-HQA.


    • The removal of OSC program.


    • The removal of Langkawi International Tourism Bubble (LITB).


    • The removal of COVID-19 RT-PCR detection test counter by MOH at KLIA.


  • The lifting of the requirement to apply for MyTravelPass.


Exit Requirements


    • Travellers are to refer to destination country travel rules and Official Portal of Immigration Department of Malaysia to understand the specific requirements (such as COVID-19 testing or quarantine measures) as these may differ according to each country’s own risk assessments


    • Passengers are advised to download and update their MySejahtera app. Only those with MySJ ‘low risk’ status in the profile will be allowed to continue their journey.


    • Unvaccinated travellers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by fully vaccinated parents or guardians.


  • Travellers who have recovered from COVID-19 can travel provided they provide a negative COVID-19 test result.
    (Note: Please refer to respective arrival country’s acceptance of Post COVID-19 Passengers.




Please note that travel restrictions and advisories may change at short notice, and that you continue to be solely responsible for complying with all laws and/or travel requirements of jurisdictions to be flown from, into or over. Malaysia Airlines (MH) makes no representation or warranty (either express or implied) on the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein, and shall not be liable for any errors or omissions, or any damages that may result from your access to, use of, and reliance on such information.




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