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Big changes to the MSF Merdeka Race 2021, racers please take note:
1. No More Merdeka 88 laps endurance.
Due to lack of response, we have had to make a decision to change the Merdeka 88 Enduro to a 1.5 hours Enduro instead. Without a minimum amount of participation, we are unable to cover the costs of the 88 laps race.
2. All categories will now have their races become 1.5 hrs: this includes Street category, which will be increased to 1.5 hrs.
3. Due to this, all entry fees now same for the 1.5 hrs race: RM 880 excl transponder
4. The 1.5 hrs endurance is the same as last year. It is basically the MSF 45min Enduro x2:
– 45 mins race with pit window open from 15 min to 30 min, compulsory 3-minute stop
– after 45 mins, Safety Car comes out, all cars single file into pit for 10 minutes break
– after 10 mins, Safety Car will leave the pit and all cars maintain position and restart the race for another 45 mins with 3 mins compulsory pit stop.
5. The event will be 1 day only
6. The event & fuel sponsor has unfortunately pulled out, due to business challenges caused by the pandemic. There will be no Live broadcast on Facebook or Astro due to this. There will be no fuel provided for this race. The sponsor has apologised greatly, but they hope to be back next year.
7. Registration will be changed and is still open. All categories remain except for Super1500 which, due to low numbers, will be absorbed into Street Tuned category
8. New schedule is attached.
9. Registration at

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