MSF Driver Grading for 2021

ANNOUNCEMENT: MSF Driver Grading for 2021
MSF will be introducing a Driver Grading system for all MSF drivers that will take part in the Merdeka 88 Enduro 2021.
Driver Grading will be implemented in order to create a driver development and progression path, for the growth and future of Malaysian motorsports.
The actual ASR for the Merdeka 88 Enduro 2021 has not been released yet (coming very soon), but will look like this:
• Ultimate Touring, Ultimate 1800, Ultimate 1600, Open 1600, Ultimate Open, S-Pro 1600 categories only
• it will be 88 laps of SIC F1 circuit
• non-stop, with refuelling (NOT THE SAME as Merdeka 2020 Ultimate Enduro)
• minimum 2 drivers
• minimum 2 pit stops; each stop minimum 5 minutes
• regulation refuelling nozzle: we will use the SIC refuelling rigs (will be refurbished); you may use your own refuelling rig but must still use the regulation nozzle (need to add an adaptor, will not be Dry Break system)
• NO LIMIT TO DRIVING TIME, but a minimum rest time of at least 60 mins: so please plan your own team strategies
• Tyres as usual: Hankook Z221, Hankook RS4
Driver Grading mix has yet to be released, but will look something like this:
• 1 Ultimate + 1 Intermediate or lower grade
• 1 Advanced + 1 Advanced or lower grade
• etc

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