The Rashid Salleh Show (THE RSS) with Haresh Deol interview Episode 13

The RSS with HD is a talk show – With a Twist.

Hosted by actor, comedian, and host Rashid Salleh featuring award-winning journalist Haresh Deol. Produced by Toucan Media & Professional Storytellers.

Leona Chin, who made waves with the famous driving lesson pranks, gives The RSS with HD a glimpse into how she became a drift car driver and a racer from the tender age of 18! Videos are uploaded every Sunday at 4pm Malaysian time. Make sure to Subscribe and hit the Notification bell to be notified when videos are uploaded. Make sure to Like, and Share this video if you haven’t done already. **To advertise your brand or for sponsorship and collaborations email us at ** Produced by Toucan Media & Professional Storytellers. Say hi to us on Instagram! Instagram – Check out also: Twentytwo13 Website: Rashid Salleh YouTube Channel… Rashid Salleh Website: Awesome Amnig Athlesuire Clothing:





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