Monday, 7th October 2019 – A perfect weekend from Malaysian Motorsports Athlete Leona Chin, who partnered former Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER) and Malaysian Super Series (MSS) champion, Eddie Lew for Team Tedco Racing qualified pole and finished first for the Malaysia Championship Series 2019 Final round 300km Endurance Race, M-Production Class (MTC) at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) on Saturday 28th and 29th September. With the total championship points of 95,  Leona finished 2nd overall in the 2019 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) M-Production.



“Leona did very well this weekend. She had zero mistakes looking from the sector times. She did a good job.” Eddie said during the prize presentation.



“It’s been a very challenging season. If you have been following the full season, we had our ups and downs and big challenge from Team Proton R3 but thanks to Eddie and the team Tedco racing for doing such a good job with the car and I’m very happy with the win today. During our final few laps, the car did not have enough fuel and Eddie who took over the wheel for the final stint managed to nurse the car until the chequered flag.” Leona expressed in relief.

“Leona did well to survive the tough environment full of guys not wanting to lose, especially to a girl.” told by Team Tedco Racing owner Rueben Wong.

The Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) is a national racing series promoted and organised by Sepang International Circuit (SIC) as an initiative to promote and develop sports in Malaysia. The teams and drivers competed in four rounds of two one-hour endurance race in four weekends with the final round made more challenging as they competed in a 300-km endurance race of 54 laps around the 5,543-meter track. There were a total of 56 competitors last weekend.


2019107日(星期一)马来西亚赛车运动员Leona Chin陈莉慧取得了一个完美周末。她和一位马来西亚 Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race (MMER) 冠军车手也是Malaysia Super Series (MSS)冠军车手 Eddie Lew 一起同队。上个周末928日和29日,他们两人代表Tedco Racing 的车队在雪邦国际赛车场(SIC)马来西亚锦标赛系列赛(MCS)的300公里耐力赛,M-Production 比赛(MTC)获得了排位赛第一而且比赛的冠军。 2019年马来西亚冠军赛系列(MCSM-Production Leona获得总积分为95分,获得全年竞标赛第二名。

陈莉慧本周末表现出色。从比赛的时间来看,她的失误为零。她做得很好。”Eddie Lew 在颁奖典礼时说。

这是一个非常具有挑战性的系列赛节。如果您一直关注整个赛季,你会知道我们和 Proton R3车队中遇到了起伏和挑战,但是要感谢EddieTedco Racing 车队的专业表现,今天的胜利让我感到非常高兴。在最后几圈发生突发状况我们的赛车发现不足够汽油的问题,Eddie接棒进入赛车,进入最后的圈数的冲刺,设法将赛车开到方格旗。” Leona终于松了一口气。

Tedco Racing 队长Rueben Wong说:在着充满了男生的赛车活动 ,男生一定不想输给尤其是一个女生 Leona 很勇敢的在这个赛车活动跟他们较量

马来西亚锦标赛系列赛(MCS)是由雪邦国际赛车场(SIC)推广和组织的全国性赛车系列,旨在促进和发展马来西亚的体育运动。比赛分别为五个回合 ,第一回合至第四回合,是一个小时耐力赛 分为两天进行,而最后一轮则更具挑战性,因为车队们要在5,543公里的赛道上进行了54圈的300公里耐力赛。上周末共有56名竞争对手。

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