HOW would you feel to have motorsport athlete Leona Chin’s voice as your Waze navigator?


leona chin waze

leona chin waze

Yes, now you can. In conjunction with this year’s United Nations (UN) Road Safety Week, renowned motorsport darling Leona Chin will be giving Malaysian Wazers a dose of her bubbly personality as a new voice option to help Malaysians navigate more safely and efficiently while on the road throughout the country.

Dispelling the more serious and masculine perception of motorsports athletes, Leona’s navigation voice prompts are positively cheerful and delightful which will surely help put drivers in a good mood.

Besides traffic conditions, she will also offer drivers practical safety tips and reminders such as watching their speed and ensuring their seatbelts are on.

“When it comes to motorsports, I think everyone believes it is all about speed, but the truth is, as motorsport athletes, we value safety above all else. Even before we hit the track, we have to prepare ourselves including always having the necessary safety gear.

“And when we are racing on the track, we have to constantly remain alert of other drivers. I’m very glad to be a part of this opportunity as I believe in the importance of safety reminders and tips to all road users. I want all Malaysian drivers to remember never to take road safety for granted!” said the Selangor-born professional racing driver.

“For this UN safety week, we are very excited to have Leona’s voice available in-app for all to use. Both safety and fun have always been important to Waze, so we thought that someone with a bubbly personality and who understands driving well would be a suitable choice to share safety reminders in a fun way,” said Kelvin Sim, Country Manager of Waze Malaysia.

Drive safely with Leona Chin by your side, download Waze and test it out for yourself! Leona’s Waze Voice option is only available in Malaysia and will be accessible for three months.

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