The first motorsports that interest me is Drifting. The feeling of drifting sideways it a thrill.

How i met my drifting teach Mr Ser was occurrence  when my Nissan 200sx had failed to start after I sent it to the spray paint shop. Mr Ser had a shop next door and I asked for his help. His foreman Mr Stanley help to fix my car. After that we chatted and to Mr Ser’s surprise, I was keen to become his student after that meet. He would teach me drift and I would help him set up his website for this motorsport team.

After meeting my drifting teacher, Mr Ser. He taught me how to drift and encourage me to join events to gain drifting experiences. He is an drift event organiser himself and with his team members we learned drifting through his mentorship. To fund my drifting hobby expenses, i worked as a ticket collector at his events and when the event ended at night, i would learn drifting from him at the track.

Drifting was an expensive sport, I needed to get some tires to join competitions. I went to a local chopshop ( second hand shop) to find performance parts and second hand rims and tires. I met a very supportive man and he donated used tires for me to use for me training and competitions. He was my first “sponsor”.





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