Drive Safe With Carpit

Has it been a long time since you sent your cars for alignment and balancing? Or is it time for a tyre change? 

Just add your car into the app and Carpit workshops are ready to give it some pampering.

Select a Service Provider

Choose from amongst the best in the area.

Request a Service
Specify Pick Up location or Drive-in at your preferred time.

Transparent and Convenient

After the service is completed, we’ll charge your credit card and email you a receipt.
About Carpit
Carpit is a digital Car Pit Stop for tyre and car services. You can find top rated workshops at your fingertips. Workshops are listed based on Distance & Rating and Price.Your car can be picked up for servicing within a 5km radius without extra charges. Please specify the address and give clear instructions in the notes section. If you wish to drive in, just select any location but write ‘Self Drive-in’. Our workshops will call you to confirm the appointment.

We will soon be introducing upcoming services such as car wash, oil change and other car related services in the future. We look forward to providing the best for you and your car!

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