Penang Stunt Movie behind the scenes pictures

An Amazing 5 days Car Stunts movie shooting with Ka Lok Stunt Hong Kong Team & Stunt Power Malaysia Team. Thank you for the opportunity and guidance.


Taking the Penang Bridge 2 to Penang



Movie crew was huge! i have a feeling is quite a big budget production


Walkie Talkie for communication among stunt team drivers!
Crowded street full of cameras and stalls.. crash boom~
Leona Van Diesel
Rolling, 3,2,1, Action, and Cut!
Steamboat Dinner.. Kinda Pricy
spectacular morning sunrise at Butterfly Farm


huge dung beetle.. lucky it’s fake
Penang Dam! Teluk Bahang
The water source for Penang Island. The Dam! Dam it’s big!
Lunch box prepared by the production team


Beautiful GeorgeTown View from my window!


Early Morning at SPICE Penang !
Early morning crazy girl face
Early breakfast time. All the crew sit under the canopy and eat together
Malaysia Stunt Power Film Production – Stunt Director Ronnie Kee
Hong Kong Stunt Team & Malaysia Stunt Team Combine!
Loving my pink hoodie! Bape


Mr Ng Hoi Tong from Ka Lok Hong Kong Stunt Team – Movie Stunt Director
Professional Stunt man Issac and Jackie


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