iAcro Shanghai China with Giti Tires



Invitation from Giti China to participate in iAcro Shang Hai event

利念娜被邀请参加iAcro举办的 汽车活动,佳通轮胎为活动赞助。

利念娜到上海的博大汽车公园驾驶Nissan 日产 Skyline R32 负责人 苏先生。
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Location : Broad Auto Park Shanghai 博大汽车公园

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Last Saturday’s Shanghai Broad large car park, covered by the tires of the tires and drift of the smoke.




In the country’s largest modified organization iAcro spring resurrection party, added a new link. That is, to come to the party’s friends can drive their own car to chase a “Golden Canal” track, after catching the final winner of the fight, but also get prizes.




And from Jiangsu and Zhejiang around the open Honda Fit, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86 has been out of print BMW 1M came to the broad track of the drivers, do not care about the prizes. They are only the eyes of the championship trophy, as well as in the crowd of more than two thousand spectators in front of a drastic technology to drift. In a public “fierce evil” male players, there is a petite little female driver. She took a black glasses frame, and people always whisper when communicating, and even some slightly shy. If not wearing a racing suit, everyone will think she is just a scene audience. So, even if she walk through the sea among the people, it will not cause special attention.



Until she got into the drift car racing car, the crowd burst out of a stir: “just the past that Meng sister is the legendary Jia Tong drift goddess?” So more and more people around Car racing around, intends to see the goddess of the car skills.



现场和我一起做直播的杨老师肯定对这位来自马来西亚的Leona Chin的车技印象深刻。因为当她坐进女神的车里,被各种大幅度的漂移甩得七荤八素、面容失色、大声尖叫时,当天观看直播的观众到达了人数的峰值。


Live and live with me, Mr. Yang is sure to the car from Malaysia Leona Chin car impressive. Because when she got into the goddess of the car, was a variety of drift drift a lot of seven elements, face pale, screaming, the day watching the live audience reached the peak of the number. But Leona carrying Yang teacher drift back to the starting point, is still a pair of indifferent to Meng face, it seems just a burst of drift and their own no relationship. But soon, the deputy seat and stuffed into a full of curiosity of the audience, Leona drift racing car once again tucked with smoke tires into the track, accompanied by screams from the side of the shuttle to complete a circle of drifting performances



当天这样场景出现了不知道多少回,等到Leona表演完之后走出赛车,她已经成为全场的焦点,但她依然和出发前一样的可爱与淡定。当天几乎所有的现场和观看直播的观众都被这个萌妹子给圈粉,但是当天所有参加比赛的男选手都默默记下了Leona赛车上的轮胎型号:佳通GitiSport GTR3RR1,因为在专业选手眼中,这条轮胎的表现和那位佳通漂移女神一样抢眼。

The scene that day did not know how many times, until Leona finished after the car out of the car, she has become the focus of the audience, but she is still the same as before departure and calm. Almost all of the scene and watch the live audience were the Meng sister to the circle powder, but the day all the players to participate in the game are quietly recorded Leona car tire model: Jia Tong GitiSport GTR3RR1, because in the eyes of professional players, The performance of the tires is as eye-catching as that of the goddess.


当我采访Leona时,她给予了这条轮胎非常高的评价。因为这也是她第一次接触刚亮相的佳通GitiSport GTR3RR1轮胎,而给她留下深刻印象的,是这条轮胎稳定的操控性。这让她在漂移表演时能够尽量表现的优雅,保持着一如既往的淡定。

When I interviewed Leona, she gave the tire a very high rating. Because this is her first contact with the just-out of the Canon GitiSport GTR3RR1 tires, and to her impressed, is the stability of the tire handling. This allows her to drift in the performance as much as possible to express the elegance, as always keep calm.



在我认识的玩家中,Leona已经不是第一个夸这条佳通GitiSport GTR3RR1轮胎。之前有经常下赛道玩车的朋友提起这条轮胎都会说,这条轮胎的抓地性简直惊人,更关键的是性价比极高,既能走街又能下场,简直是居家旅行的常备利器。

Among the players I know, Leona is no longer the first to draw this Canon GitiSport GTR3RR1 tires. There are often before the track to play a car friends mention this tire will say that the tire grip is simply amazing, more critical is the high cost, both the street and can end, is simply a resident of the standing weapon





R & D Giti  Tire Team Lamborghini Racing Tire team developed a civilians tournament tires is simply a piece of cake. Not to mention the development of the team tires not only used in 40 degrees weather for 12 hours of the Sepang Endurance race Lamborghini car, but also used in the youth championship formula Formula One racing car, used in the Parker Peak climbing champion championship car , And even used in the ring tower rally championship racing and field off-road racing.


It can be said that as long as there is a racing game place, there will be good tires tires figure, and is likely to be the champion tires used. So many people will say that the game on the good tires that touch of yellow as the extreme sports in the Red Bull status, to “with good to challenge” the spirit of the event, inspired by the world’s drivers and racing enthusiasts released on the track Passionate. But also in all kinds of games with countless champions and brush the audience eyeball performance to remember the brand




而在这样的团队手中诞生的民用赛车轮胎,必然有些“黑科技“。GitiSport GTR3RR1拥有“冠军级”赛胎热熔成分和纳米级高模量炭黑配方,能快速暖胎,强化干地抓地性能。纯赛胎胎面轮廓设计,配合具有战斗感的极简胎纹,接地摩擦面接近75%,进一步提升高抓地极限。同时,高分散亲水性含硅材料和高抗湿滑性功能性树脂和三条宽大主沟贯通肩部沟槽的“防漂滑”沟槽设计,能实现快速排水,显著提升湿地抓地效果。这些设计不仅是能用在赛场上,即便是平时驾驶中,也是提升开车安全性的重要保障。

And in the hands of such a team of civilian racing tires born, there must be some “black technology.” GitiSport GTR3RR1 has a “champion class” tonic hot melt composition and nano-high modulus carbon black formula, can quickly warm tire, strengthen the dry ground grip performance. Pure tread tread contour design, with a very simple fighting tread pattern, ground friction surface close to 75%, to further enhance the high grip limit. At the same time, high dispersion of hydrophilic silicon material and high moisture resistance of functional resin and three large main groove through the shoulder groove of the “anti-slip” groove design, to achieve rapid drainage, significantly enhance the wetland grip effect The These designs can not only be used in the game, even in the usual driving, but also enhance the safety of driving an important guarantee.

而为满足广大竞速改装车爱好者对弯道驾控的精准需求,佳通GitiSport GTR3RR1针对轮胎花纹和胎体刚性作了进一步优化。外侧自固三角形高刚性花纹块,保证轮胎拥有足够转向力;内侧大块组合花纹,提升轮胎响应灵敏度。接近90°直角胎侧可最大幅度减少变形量,缩短转向响应时间。值得一提的是,在强固胎体方面,GitiSport GTR3RR1的冠带层采用了制作防弹衣的材料凯芙拉,并加入高模量聚酯配方,提供高速行驶时的胎体束缚性,有效应对高速冲击。2层高强度帘布设计和特殊材料内衬层,带来极佳抗冲击性能同时确保了轮胎气密性,转向操控更安全、更精准。无论是在公路还是弯道上,都可让驾驶人员感受到驾驶的乐趣。

In order to meet the majority of racing cars modified car enthusiasts on the precise control of the demand, Jia Tong GitiSport GTR3RR1 for tire tread and carcass rigidity to be further optimized. The outer self-solid triangular high-rigidity block, to ensure that the tire has enough steering force; inside the large block pattern, to enhance the tire response sensitivity. Approximate 90 ° rectangular side can reduce the amount of deformation and shorten the response time. It is worth mentioning that, in the case of strong carcass, GitiSport GTR3RR1 the corrugated layer with the production of body armor materials Kevlar, and adding high modulus polyester formula, to provide high-speed carcass restraint, effective response High speed shock. 2-story high-strength cord design and special material lining, with excellent impact resistance while ensuring tire tightness, steering control safer and more accurate. Whether on the road or corners, can make the driver feel the driving pleasure.


佳通漂移女神Leona还对我说,这次漂移其实没有玩过瘾,希望下次在别的赛车上试试佳通GitiSport GTR3RR1轮胎。当时我并没有完全理解这句话的意思,直到我百度了下Leona的简历才发现,她不仅是个漂移车手,而且还参加过雷诺的Clio Cup房车赛等等不同的比赛。不得不说,我已经被她的可爱以及赛场上全能而圈粉。

正如同佳通GitiSport GTR3RR1轮胎一样,不瞒你们说,我已经在研究这个轮胎的适配车型了,发现它通吃从大众高尔夫到丰田86,从宝马Z4、奥迪TT到保时捷Boxster、Cayman到宝马M6。好了,我可以放心去安利身边那些喜欢跑赛道的朋友们了。

Jia Song drift goddess Leona also told me that the drift is not playing fun, hope next time in other racing on the Canon GitiSport GTR3RR1 tires. At that time I did not fully understand the meaning of this sentence until I Baidu Leona’s resume only to find that she is not only a drift driver, but also participated in the Renault’s Clio Cup car racing and so on different games. Have to say that I have been her lovely and the game all-around and lap powder. Just like the Garton Gitt3port GTR3RR1 tires, do not tell you that I have been studying the tires of the fit models and found it take it from Volkswagen Golf to Toyota 86, from BMW Z4, Audi TT to Porsche Boxster, Cayman to BMW M6. Well, I can rest assured to Amway around those who like to run the track of the friends.


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