Being a female in a male dominated sport, going to Borneo Safari was the last thing on my mind. I was invited by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia and they even prepped me a really awesome & tough safari machine so I could be part of the tag-on team. It was a new and amazing experience, I really loved it. I never knew what tough was until I came to BS2016. Some say it was the worst BS in many years. I survived the toughest BS.. I can survive anything! YEAH!

When I came back to KL, I missed the jungle so bad! I love driving in the rivers! my most favourite part.




November was a busy month for me, I was in Zhuhai China for my Clio Cup China Series, right after the race finished, I flew straight into Sabah to go into the jungle with the team Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM). It was super tiring traveling from train, ferry, taxi, plane, then into the car. Lucky they had a few locals to fetch us to the campsite to group up. Once we reached the campsite. it was a small village with farm animals roaming around, everywhere was 4×4 trucks and built up camps to settle for the night. It was my first experience in the camp scene, I had a camp bed with mosquito nets to protect me from insects during the night. I brought my trusty crocodilehippo toy to keep me company at night.





waiting waiting… wait for 2 days…


waiting in line to enter the hardcore section of BS2016


finally after waiting for hours, we go into the hardcore section to start our adventure!


Yes! I drove in the BS2016!


By far the toughest terrains ever!


I’m pretty sure I was pointing at the LED Flood lights..

They were so bright and blinding. It attracted a lot of bugs too!


Let’s go! in to the woods! the nightmare begins ! haha


In there hardcore sections, you need to winch your way out the rut if not you’ll get stuck.


Heavy downpour just makes things worst!


It’s car wash time! drive down the river!


How deep can it go? No problem!


Nothing more challenging than crossing a narrow bridge made of logs!



I’m really thankful to have the support team paving the way for a smoother journey, it wasn’t easy for them. Sleepless nights and tiring work for them.


Tree in the way~!


Cooking by the river! you’ll be surprised, the food was delicious!


Triton VGT Mivec Turbo Diesel, uphill, not a problem!




Finally made it in time for the Dinner Event!






Winch remote! winky winky~ says the man outside!


Thank you Jassie for the exciting adventure, I’d never imagine myself going into the jungle and eventually loving it. The support team was amazing, the food was delicious. The hospitality from MMM and Sabah Borneo Offroad team was 5 star! I can’t wait to go next year.


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