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  1. Leona, you are becoming more, and more multi dimensional. Excellent. Continue to build upon the platform that you have started, and there is nothing that you won’t be able to accomplish. Behind the wheel, or the camera, that winning smile, and personality will take you far.

  2. Leona, behind the wheel, or in front of the camera, that winning smile, and personality will take you far. Stay natural, and just be you, young lady, and I see nothing but, endless horizons for you, and your team. All the best.

  3. Leona, we took a vote, and we came up w/ this. The magazine shoot looks great. Your (BTS) behind the scenes, pictures, also look great. Now we come to your staged work. We couldn’t figure out if you came to the shoot, Clean-Clean, or Hair and Makeup Ready, but a little criticism here is needed. You need to stay away from heavy makeup, and drastic lipstick. (red is not your color, the clash is lens shattering) Doing, New Face/ Development Model work you have to be super critical at what is being shown. Natural, and skin tone/light we think are going to be great for your race car driver, girl next door, sophisticated business owner, daredevil persona. Balance! Just like when you are driving your drift car. Too much change, and people,(the customers) won’t believe you.

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