5 pictures of Leona Chin not in racing suits (陈莉慧不在赛车服的5张相片)

Leona’s known for being in racing cars, racing suits. In actual fact, Leona has about 10 racing suits in a closet but have you seen her in other outfits ?

#1 Sitting in front of a Porsche Cayman


#2 与马来西亚女赛车手陈莉慧拍摄图片会议,认真的样子, 显示我的长浓密的头发
Leona trying to get a serious look, showcasing her long thick hair too ^_^


与马来西亚女赛车手陈莉慧拍摄图片会议,酷的样子, 戴着墨镜
#3 Leona trying to get a cool look with sunglasses from Ellui

#4 Leona in a red dress and a sporty Porsche Carrera

#5 Leona with a sporty Porsche Carrera

Photo by Eric Chow
Make up by Derrick
Produced by WebTVAsia





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  1. You rock ms. Leona… and I wait for your next videos… oh ya… would you come to indonesia next time? Maybe having a meet&greet or an endurance in our circuit? Well im waiting for your reply! Ok i have to go, see ya later!

  2. Leona,, I like # 2&5…the pure you..does not look posed for….but #3 is wow how you have growen up in the last four years.. from the short short hair to now…!!!!!! Wow wow hubba hubba..lol..

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