5 Ways to save on fuel economy (可以节省汽油的5种方法)

I’ve been travelling alot and been to many countries like Korea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Singapore. Even though our country’s fuel prices are comparably lower than our neighboring countries, and it is still an increasing state, it is still money being spent and we must also think how to economically save on our usage for fuel. Here are some simple tips that will encourage you to save on your fuel.

 1. Drive smoothly, avoid harsh braking


Stay calm, driving as smooth as possible helps in saving fuel economy. Why so? Well basically, if your anxious or furious and in the rush to a place, you would tend to speed and make abrupt braking when at the traffic light, or at a junction, or at traffic jam, the moment you want to GO you would need to press the accelerator hard to start moving, that usually uses a lot of power and what comes from power? Fuel comes from power. Why so?  Because you need fuel to make fire combustion to make the engine move. So the more you press the accelerator a.k.a “tekan” the more fuel you burn! So always stay CALM and press accelerator smoothly, brake smoothly and it will save you money in the long run!
The mythbusters did an episode before and I remember they placed an angered man and a calm man and compared their fuel economy. The agitated man used up more fuel than the calm man.

Mythbusters | Driving Angry – More Fuel? oleh MythbustersOfficial


2. Choose the right fuelblogpost-driving-3

Fuel comes in many brands, many octane levels and many additive blends. Finding the right fuel for your car can also save your wallet from unnecessary leakages. For my kind of lifestyle, I would choose BHPetrol Infiniti as it gives harmony in performance and is very economical. Infiniti basically hits the right notes because it’s designed with superior German additives at double the recommended dosage. The feeling is similar to what you get from an energy drink, with more energy you can go further. (800ppm; note minimum dosage is 400ppm).


Why double? Because they want you to have a cleaner engine with Friction Reducing Agents minimizing friction in the engine. Without harmful carbon deposits and friction, your car’s vital engine parts are able to function harmoniously, giving your car more Power and Mileage on the road. Try to imagine a ball rolling on a layer of oil and compare to a ball rolling on a layer of sandpaper. The ball rolling on sandpaper would have stopped earlier than the oily layer.  That’s because of friction. The less friction, they better the mileage. More mileage = more savings!

For a more detailed understanding on what makes BHPetrol Infiniti different click here


3.Keep tires properly inflated


Tires are also an important part of a car, getting the right inflation also helps in fuel economy. An under-inflated tire would need more power to move the car as it has more friction on the road. The car becomes sluggish and draggy when tires are low on air. To save fuel, frequently check your car’s tire pressure. There would be a tire information sticker placed at the door gap of your driver seat so that you can refer to the right pressure for your standard original tires.

If you are the lazy kind and avoid getting your hands dirty, just install a FOBO TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System that has bluetooth app. It will track your car tire pressure whenever you login to your app. 


4. Reduce car weight

Car weight makes a big difference. The lighter the car the less LOAD it has and fuel economy will be better.



5.Avoid car idling


Sitting and waiting in the car is nice and cooling as well as comfortable, but it actually consumes alot of fuel because you’re keeping the aircond on and you are not moving, the car heats up. The hotter the car, the faster it will burn petrol. So be good to the environment, save fuel, switch the car off and find some shade to wait.

Hope these few tips were helpful! Write some more at the comment section so that it will help others too! 
I will be making more useful tips whenever I can! =)

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