Casio Malaysia Launches the New EXILIM EX-FR100 Outdoor Camera (日本品牌 Casio 相机 新出 的 自拍神器照相机)



Last month, I received a new package and it was the Casio Exilim EX-FR100.

Like its predecessor, the new EXILIM EX-FR100 features a rugged design with shock, water and dust resistance and can be easily operated single-handedly. The FR100 retains the detachable design which enables users to attach the camera module to virtually anywhere via an assortment of aftermarket accessories, and use the controller remotely to capture truly unique angles of photography. Equipped with a new 16mm ultra wide-angle lens, the FR100 is equally adept at taking selfies, large group photos, as well as landscape photography while traveling or during outdoor activities.



As I opened my package and goodie bag, In the Box I found lots of goodies. 

A Box, 16GB memory card, a Selfie Stick and a holder and LED Lights, Multi-angle clip, Multi-angle belt set and a tripod nut were also found in my goodie bag.


In the box, there were 2 devices, one was a round lens with yellow ring and had buttons on the top, it had a rugged look with a hinge. It was a 10.2 megapixels lens. With 16mm wide angle. 60.9(DIA) mm x 33.3(D) mm excluding Hinge Unit.



The other device was a rectangular monitor screen like with buttons on the sides. It was a 3 inch super clear LCD touch screen.59.2(W) x 86.7(H) x 19.4(D) mm.

The 2 devices can be attached together and it will look like this. It is easy to handle for one hand operations. Notice the lense is facing the same side as the monitor, this is because this camera main function is for lifestyle selfies and also tough on the outside with waterproof and shockproof capabilities. It’s a great camera for adventures as an outdoor recording gear. It has great video HD quality too.



And if you decide to take photos for the scenery, you can fold the camera hinge to make the lense face the other way. Like this…

Screen shot 2016-04-16 at 6.18.37 PM



Detaching the camera from the controller you get more advanced freestyle camera, you can attach it to a selfie stick and it will be great for capturing selfies and video logs with great scenery.  It doesn’t have a timer so to capture you need to press on the controller or tap on the touch screen.  Its super wide-angle 16mm* lens shoots over a wide range with little distortion. With the magnificent outdoors as your backdrop, enjoy your selfies — alone or with friends — turning out just as you wanted.











With the Premium Auto Function! That’s my favourite because I can look flawless with a snap of a button, it auto corrects my skin blemishes and skin tone and eye lashes to E-makeup my face. Great for selfies after  for sports especially when I don’t want to wear makeup when I go for my racing / sports activities.







Multi-angle Clip – able to rotate 360 degrees , easy to attach on backpack or other places. RM119.00


Multi-angle belt Set – allows you to wear the camera around your wrist or head. It comes with 2 lengths of belts. RM169.00

Waterproof case that thoroughly protects the camera in water as deep as 20m, can handle both fresh and seawater. The marine case (EAM-5) is waterproof for depths of up to 20-meters, and is even backward compatible with the EXILIM EX-FR10. RM459.00

An LED ring flash attachment (EAM-7) enables users to take images while in low-light conditions. Equipt with six high brightness LED lights in a ring shape, the brightness can be adjusted to three levels. It has a tripod screw hole at the bottom so it can be attached to a selfie stick or a tripod. The lense is detached from the hinge unit and attached on to the LED light. The effect of the pictures are amazing. RM269.00

The antenna cable set (EAM-6) is a specialized underwater viewing device, from which users can view marine life from the surface. RM459.00


Available in yellow, white and black, the new EXILIM EX-FR100 is now available at a recommended selling price of RM 2,149.00. Bundled accessories include a Carabineer Clip Attachment, Tripod Nut, Advance Selfie Stick and Action Camera Adapter.

On top of that, official distributors Marco Heritage will be providing 18 months warranty upon e-warranty registration.


 With Exilim Connect App you can pair your phone via Bluetooth and it will auto configure wifi settings, once that is done you can start sending selected photos to your phone and you can upload on Social sites right away. Leave your camera on standby mode and it will blink in blue, it will auto transfer the rest of the photos to your smartphone while you are not using them.





5.Highlight Movie function

Users can also look forward to sharing their holidays and travel experiences in the form of video montages via the Highlight Movie function. The Highlight Movie function is designed such that users do not require complicated software on their computers to create fun video montages of their activities or their holidays. It enables users to select both photos and videos from a specific day, and create a show-reel that can then be sent via Bluetooth and the EXILIM Auto Transfer to the users’ smart device, which can then be uploaded onto social media.


6.Intelligent Interval feature

One of the key highlights of the FR100 is the new Intelligent Interval feature, designed for enhanced hands-free shooting while on-the-go. Incorporating the EXILIM high-speed HS3 engine, sensing technology, and image analysis, Intelligent Interval automatically selects and saves photos taken during high-speed continuous shooting, while leaving those with too much blur and slant for the users to go through at their convenience later. This new feature allows users to keep just the best shots while enjoying the moment as it happens.



The downside of the camera is the charging, I have to charge both devices separately. Other than that, the playback function for videos can’t fast forward or rewind, so if the video is pretty long, and you want to review the video you have to watch it from the start.

Overall the FR100 is a great lifestyle outdoor recording gear.

If compare to GoPro, the Shape is different, and the target market is different. The people who prefer selfies and leisure fun traveling activities then FR100 is a good camera for you.  The camera video quality is not as good as GoPro because GoPro can reach up to 4K  but you can see the HD quality in the video attached below and judge for yourself it’s pretty good. GoPro is more for the extreme action camera without the selfie premium auto function and Highlight Movie functions. Also can’t attach LED light accessory like the FR100.

Another good part about FR100 comes with the remote control/monitor but detachable, so you can view what your angle looks like if it’s mounted on your head or somewhere you can’t can’t see  and adjust if its wrong angle and and click capture on the remote control. For Go Pro Hero4 similar, but you need to link to your smart phone to use as a controller/monitor.

Additionally,  the accessories from GoPro can be used for the FR100 by using the the action camera adaptor included in the bundle.




I love all my gadgets and I’m thankful that Casio gave me an opportunity to try their latest product before they sell it in Malaysia. I’m happy and enjoyed my photo taking sessions with the EX-FR100. Hope to share more videos and photos from my new gadget and upload on my youtube channel do subscribe to get the latest videos notified to your email.

Check out my video for some cool video shots

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