In conjunction with International Women’s Day, NUYOU March issue, feature 10 power ladies!
这个月《女友》将走上街头搜寻女人值得骄傲的理由!3月刊 ‪#‎nuyouPower‬ 专访10位女友,为这个美丽起义揭开序幕!

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My hair is so thick
‪#‎ineedashampoosponsor‬ lol

这个月《女友》将走上街头搜寻女人值得骄傲的理由!3月刊 #nuyouPower 专访10位女友,为这个美丽起义揭开序幕!

Posted by Nuyou Malaysia on Friday, 4 March 2016

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  1. This beautiful lady is truly amazing! The true definition of beauty and feminity with an uncanny ability to not only to walk into and mix it in a male doninated arena, but also to stand on its podium with full admiration and genuine respect from all! Unique, certainly rare individual.

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