Wanita Hari Ini TV3, live talk show aired at 12pm from Monday to Friday.

Today I was invited as one of the guest along with Narimah Samat a 4×4 offroad female driver.

Our topic of the talkshow today was about lady drivers and male drivers. It was an interesting topic that will go on an on forever.

I tend to drive very safely on the roads as the road is a public space and everyone is using it, so it is best to be courteous on the road. On the track, it’s a different ball game! Once I wear my helmet, I’m a totally different person (little devil horns grow). Anyhow.. actually it doesn’t matter lady or men who is a better driver. My presence today is to show that there ARE good lady drivers out there and I need to be a good role model so I am very cautious on the roads and always be humble 🙂


Here are 14 tips for driving safely on the road

  1. Always signal before you turn or change lanes
  2. Never go above the speed limit
  3. Stop on red light
  4. Look as far ahead as your eyes can see not see whats in front of your bonnet
  5. Frequently on your tires ( pressure, tread, brake pad worn out yet?)
  6. Always wear your safety belt no matter how short the distance is
  7. Avoid using the phone while driving ( texting , social networking)
  8. Don’t tailgate other cars
  9. Don’t drink and drive
  10. Plan ahead, be there earlier, so that you don’t have to rush to a place like a mad person
  11. Don’t suddenly U-turn whenever you feel like it, There are motorbikes that might not know it
  12. Don’t suddenly stop on the road when you see something interesting
  13. You should also take up defensive driving skills at any driving school that as it is proven it helps to prevent accidents
  14. It’s also helpful to keep some spare drinks and snacks in your car in case you get stuck in a traffic jam.A hungry man is an angry man and you will tend to be more aggressive when you are angry.

Hope you can follow this tips and learn to be a better driver! 🙂



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