F-Team Leona’s Final episode


“Fighter rider” decided at the pinnacle of the Final Four female racer lost 0.5 seconds. Asian female racer Chen Lihui playing hurt, lost only 0.5 seconds gap has been eliminated; parting division players reluctantly, moving scenes lead star tears. Asian female racer 0.5 seconds edged playing hurt glorious defeat.


亚洲女车王0.5秒惜败 带伤上阵虽败犹荣




In the previous eight strong training, Asian women racer and teammate Jin Zhiyong, Chen Lihui due with no understanding, resulting in severe left leg injury. Faced with this week championship squad, Chen Lihui decided to play through the pain, leading scorer in the crowd got into the car, which also can not help but worry about her with the powerful 金志勇 showdown will be in absolute disadvantage. But everyone underestimated Chen Lihui her “champion’s heart,” Chen Lihui from the beginning of the game to overcome the pain quickly enter the state, even Yong all comment on her: “I did not hesitate leg injured, always maintained a good state . ” In the first round 陈莉慧 only 0.4 seconds behind Jin Zhiyong, a second round is doing all 陈莉慧, ran more than any other team all the players good results, the top three players in the quarter-finals, but unfortunately still with 0.1 seconds The gap between the loss to play a more brave teammates. Although Chen Lihui eventually be eliminated, but their playing hurt, only 0.5 seconds gap knockout loss to the strongest players, glorious defeat!

选手真情流露依依不舍 离别场面引刘涛泪目

Players reveal the truth reluctantly parting scene cited Liu Tao tears


In the brutal knockout quarter-finals, four teams of two teammates had to be “Competing death”, which makes the game even a kind of “cruel” feeling. From 36 strong start, mutual support along the way players established a deep friendship, and even rivalry in the game, but in private, but a family. However, the game was destined to go was to stay, despite the sadness or unwilling, Xu Yang, Liu Yang, Yan Xia Yan and Chen Lihui or be eliminated. In parting hours, the players have to reveal the truth, at the expense of myself Deng Xiaowen Xu, siblings Wife. Yeguan Fu truth “confession”: “My best partner, Liu Yang I love you!” Naughty words though so the captain Liu Tao laughing more than, but Liu Yang turned around instantly, but still could not help Minzui Tao sister cry. Yan Yan Xia had never received formal training and went 8 in the country, its eighteen years consistently adhere to dream, so similar to the military for 18 years, Yu Quan captain frustrating, can not help eyes moist. Jin Zhiyong Chen Lihui of injury due to remorse apology, Chen Lihui, but no complaints, but thanks all the way to take care of each other. Although intense brutal knockout, but parting was heartwarming, the players in the “Fighter riders” in the progress of the harvest is not only driving skills and, more important is the experience of life and sincere friendship!




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