F-Team Leona’s Leg gets Injured


马来西亚女车王陈莉慧 (厉奥娜)

Malaysia Female racer Leona Chin


作为《炫风车手》最后一名入围36强的车手,陈莉慧凭借超牛的漂移车技,虏获了刘涛、林志颖和羽泉的青睐,最终进入羽泉车队。从三十六强开始,陈莉慧经过重重考验,凭借强大的赛车驾驭能力,在场地赛、卡丁车比赛、泥地拉力赛等多个赛事中打败队内多名男车手,代表羽泉战队进入《炫风车手》全国八强,让她成为节目最具人气车手之一,也是节目最大的黑马。As “Fighter riders’ last top 36 finalists riders, Leona Chin with super cool drift driving skills, captured the attention of Celebrities Liu Tao, Jimmy Lin and Yu Quan’s favor, and ultimately into the Yu Quan team. Starting from the third elimination round, Leona Chin  after numerous tests, with a strong ability to control the car, the team defeated more than male riders at the track race, karting, rally and other mud races, on behalf of Yu Quan clan into the “Fighter riders “National quarterfinals, so she became one of the most popular riders show is the biggest dark horse program.



In this program, “the devil physical big test” in the face of a variety of difficult militarized training, Leona Chin and her partner, she was leading the way. However, when the next seesaw obstacle, Leona dropped from a height of two meters down, her left leg was heavily hit the ground, and instantly cannot stand up, she hugged her knees crying, “No, my leg waste!” So that everyone was very concerned, and quickly sent her to the hospital for treatment. Photos from the exposure point of view, when Leona dropped, her left leg first to the ground, then as her heavy body and gravity, a fracture or sprain might, if more severe meniscal tears, she wanted to leave the program immediately but eventually stayed on until the elimination test, even racing career is also very worrying!

source: http://star.gdtv.cn/c/xfcs/news/2015/1016/281781.shtml

Leona: sorry if the language was terrible, it was google translated.

Updates: After the first day of injury, I stayed back to finish the elimination test which was to battle against my team mate Jin Zhi Yong on a Time Attack Battle. The race was held the following day and I walked with crutches and wore a knee guard to prevent my leg from further injury.

During the race, I wanted to prove that even with my injury tear of ligament, I still could drive and if i had the chance to beat my opponent would be a proud moment for me. However, I lost to my opponent by a difference of 0.4 secs.

you can watch the video segments below to find out the outcome


I came back to Malaysia and did a MRI scan and confirmed that I have lost my left ACL Ligament.

Even though I have lost my ACL but I decided not to proceed with the ACL knee surgery but opt for strengthening of the upper thigh muscles through physiotherapy and rehabilitation sessions.
I am now able to cycle and jog and compete in motorsports as long as I do not engage in sports that may trigger the onset of pivoting the knee. Luckily motorsports isn’t like football or badminton or basketball where most athletes ACL injuries occur.

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