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Leona’s New Strategic Partner – B.R.M. ChronographesIntroducing Leona’s New Strategic Partner – BRM Chronographes – Malaysia

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Bernard Richards

Born in a clock-makers family, Bernard Richards was quite logically led to study at the Horology and Micro-mechanics Schools of Paris, and to be filled in turn by the love of traditional clock and watch making.

In the 80s, this knowledge enabled him to create his own watch : the GP-44, a unique model reflecting his passion for mechanical sports and more particularly for the automobile competition.

This watch was immediately adopted by customers and, in 2003, Bernard Richards decides to create “BRM” Bernard Richards Manufacture.

This master, as some aficionados use to call him, never draws watches. Unlike the others, this enthusiast man creates prototypes directly within his workshop. Bernard Richards is always exceeding ordinary standards and, today, he has succeeded in imposing his brand in the very closed world of luxury watchmaking.

The Manufacture

In the whole world, there is only one watch manufacturer whose timepieces are made in France. Just outside of Paris, the BRM watchmakers create remarkable pieces, each born from a commitment to the competitive spirit that has fueled Bernard Richards since the founding of BRM.

Each manufacturing operation, from the selection of the best metals down to the case setting, is exceptional. The parts are never made by pending, but only by removal of material. Thus their molecular structure is perfectly preserved. All the major operations – fitting, assembling, setting and polishing- are performed by hand and each watch is meticulously verified at each stage of its assembly.

A BRM is a unique and authentic timepiece, all custom-made and hand-finished. All watches are produced in a small series and always will be. Quality, not quantity is our goal. In 2014, Bernard Richards introduces “BRM Jewelry” and launches “La Twice” a unique ring with a revolutionary concept.

BRM Method

Technical skills and perfection in all stages of manufacture. Instead of lugs stamped in the case-piece, we manufacture each element separately, hence the great difficulty of adding the lugs by screwing them onto the case. Thus it is possible to assemble different materials and colors (black or grey titanium case, polished stainless steel lugs …).

The cases are manufactured from 3m long bars of titanium or stainless steel, whereas the majority of competitors use a simple 16 to 18 mm thick stamping. This technical wizardry is expressed in figures with 18 different case parts instead of the usual 2 or 3.

The strap buckle consists of no less than 12 components instead of the 3 currently present in other upmarket watches. More than 20 transfers are necessary for the accomplishment of the watch dial. For the hands, instead of resorting to any of the hundreds of possibilities offered by subcontractors, Bernard Richards creates ornamented hands that are fit for only the most beautiful watches, like beautiful pedal boards created by the Transalpine car industry.

The assembly screws of the watch are also specific. Composed of three holes, their manufacturing requires almost twelve times longer than that of other competitors.


BRM Chronographes Malaysia Flagship Store at Starhill, Kuala Lumpur


In the world of horology, being unique has always been the primary objective and BRM has certainly lived up to the mark. This is even more so when one considers the fact that BRM only produces a maximum of 2,000 timepieces a year. Quality and not quantity is the mantra of BRM.

We are proud to announce the grand opening of BRM Chronographes @ Starhill as the first and only stand-alone flagship store in ASIA which offers a full range of BRM models.

The grand opening was graced by no other than the founder of BRM, Bernard Richards, who flew in from Paris to attend the occasion.

We are also pleased that the occasion was further enhanced by the attendance of some of the top race car drivers in this region, the likes of Alex Yoong, Shaun Tong and Ashraf Dewal, to name a few, and also the presence of officials from local super car clubs. Champagne was served all night long as if all guests are winners standing on the podium.

We are proud to promote Motorsport on wrist, in line with our slogan, “Pure Racing Spirit”. We focus on using top grade racing materials intertwined with our experience to create uniqueness in every timepiece.

Finally, the CEO of BRM (Malaysia), Mr Vincent Chin, has promulgated to harness all his energy to springboard BRM to greater heights hitherto. Our mission is to be a brand that every car and bike enthusiasts will be proud to be associated with.

We always provide the best products, services and environment to every BRM members and customers.


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