F-TEAM Leona Chin qualifies Top 16 – 炫风车手陈莉慧进入强16队

The only Malaysian participant to participate in a Motorsport related Reality TV show in China by China Guang Dong TV Station . The show in Chinese is called 炫风车手. In direct translation is Cool Wind Driver, but the TV show in English is called F-TEAM. Leona 陈莉慧 is one of 36 members who will be competing in the series of Motorsport related activities to make it to the top and be crown the coolest driver in China.

Leona 陈莉慧 known for being the unsuspecting driver in the recent online video pranking her driving instructors by showing of her drift skills the moment they were losing hope on her and giving her a last chance to redeem herself but unfortunately some of the instructors were frightened and some were furious at her actions only to realize it was just a prank done by a MaxmanTV.

Leona has been in the motorsports scene in her country for 8 years participating in various motorsports such as drift, gymkhana, circuit racing, go kart, and rally. Most recently she has won podium finishes in Caterham Supersport Championship races in Sepang and also participates in SNF Night Racing Series since Feb 2015 in a Super Saga 1500 cup.  She also does guest appearances recently for Auto Bavaria where she gave taxi rides along with Hamdan Rohman and for Volkswagen Malaysia where she challenged Jari-Matti Latvala for a gymkhana time attack run in Setia City Convention Center and appearance for Noicey App and DiGi 4G LTE business associates dinner taxi ride. Leona is also a social influencer with Sony Mobile introducing the latest phones from SONY like the Xperia C3, Z3 Compact, SmartBand and C5 Ultra dual recently.

Leona’s appearance in the latest episodes of F-team has seen her improvements in conversation in her Chinese language and made new friends through her team with YuQuan 羽泉 being the 2-man team leaders. Other Team leaders were non other than Jimmy Lin, Liu Tao and Zhou Yong. All the participants were selected through a preliminary round where they had to bring their vehicle to the audition center in Ocean Spring Resort Zhuhai China to go through a series of obstacles in stage 1 and avoid being slower than a bowling ball that were released from the top of the studio when the timer starts. Once the participant has managed to go through the first stage before the bowling ball hits the end point, he/she is able to go to the next stage gate and through a gymkhana section and finally to the freestyle stage where you show whatever you want to show to the judges to grab their attention. When the participants are done showing off, they will drive their car to the entrance of the studio to determine the verdict, If the judges choose them, the big gate will open to welcome them. If not they will have to reverse and leave the audition. There were total of 36 golden keys to be given to and Leona appears on episode 5, was the lucky 36th Key owner. Let’s wish Leona all the best in the show ! 🙂





Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Episode 5 : Leona’s First Appearance

Episode 6 : Celebrity episode – (no Leona inside)

Episode 7 –  Driving Exam , Team Challenges


Episode 8 : Elimination round 36 becomes 24

Episode 9 : Top 24 – Team challenges, Crazy Kart, Cooking, Go-Kart

Episode 10 : Elimination round 24 becomes 16

Episode 11 : Funny Make up challenge


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