“F-Team” 36 strong team to complete the ongoing intense training renewed fighting in August 14

“炫风车手” 36 strong team to complete the ongoing intense training renewed fighting in August 14

As the first original car athletics reality show, “F-Team” since its launch it has been widely acclaimed, last night, the team assembled a program staged finale, 36 players have found their home team, with immediate effect, 36 strong will be a period of about three weeks of specialized, high intensity training and militarization, the car industry, “king of the division” almost certain.


Top 36 of the team strong

After five weeks of careful selection, “F-Team’ top 36 has surfaced, players qualify you for outstanding performance, both subvert” the driver “image of female drivers’ strength, but also very cool driving skills and the brightest “drift  king.” In addition, many players dream story touched thousands of spectators, 18-year-old son inherited his father’s dream of perseverance before the line, 62-year-old Vietnam War veteran interpretation of “Get the lead is not old,” at this stage of age is never limit.


The four star captain was very productive, strong arm clouds. Jimmy Lin to doubt the strength of the high popularity recruited a large number of players; “Goddess” Tao Although repeatedly denied, but there is also strong “escorts” for its effectiveness; Yu Quan has been talking about “is not wonderful, do not join my family,” a new path the admission of distinctive players, the game has become the biggest variable; car Wangzhou Yong is no trickery, by virtue of its strong strength and prestige to get a public car master of all ages. Today tyrannical separate ways gearing exciting match-ups!

“F-Team” five star captain


A three-week closure of training progress

Four teams completing the formation “F-Team” is about to start the most brutal and exciting knockout, program mode will also usher in a major upgrade. The program competition system, top 36 players will advance a three-week closed-end training, not only will the training driving skills and knowledge of the players during the racing will also be training players for car modification, maintenance ability, can be said that the players hardware, to enhance the strength of the software.


The training will be Jimmy friends, team principal 陈维良 sit flat, and SDT team drivers, a plurality of drift champion Zhang Shengjun core subjects, provide the most professional racing knowledge and skills training to grateful players. And during this closed training, “F-Team” will break from the screen for three weeks.


62-year-old and 18-year-old veteran, can find a home of their own at this stage


“F-Team” PK hot upgrade August 14 resumption of fighting

“F-Team” knockout poised outside the original track + studio selection model will become the venue for OTC competition + out of the mode. OTC Competition will be launched in the form of reality show, a comprehensive test captain and four members of the understanding and the overall quality of each player.


Of course, the most important thing is to turn a knife to phase out the players racing through a process of brutal intense, exciting. August 14 resumption of fighting the “Fighter riders” will appear more popular racing scenes and thrilling live competition, the captain will fight side by side with the players off the seat.


August 14, “F-Team” renewed fighting. The same is Guangdong TV, the same Friday 21:10; the difference is that real strong battle has just begun!


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