NRG Innovations, created 2003 by a group of enthusiasts highly in-tune with the performance aftermarket. NRG Innovations has caught the attention of racers throughout the import and domestic markets. Whatever the event: drag racing, circuit, autocross, time-attacks, rally and whatever the style: Drag, drift, grip, or tarmac. Look to NRG Innovations and its subdivisions to maintain the cutting edge in keeping your vehicles competitive in the racing world.

NRG 60mm Gauges  / Meters

NRG  60mm Meters is a electronic gauges which are high response and refined design. Each NRG gauge has One LED and will illuminate when the gauge pointer exceeds a warning value. The diameter of NRG gauges are 60mm


NRG 3-DRIVE is a device designed for electronic throttle controller that gives you, the driver, the freedom to select the 7 steps of acceleration response of yoru needs. The 7 Steps Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response. 3-DRIVE is a next generation throttle controller for both 7 Steps Sports and Economy driving.




NRG Quick Release Steering Set, Another upgrade utilizing all the features of the Second Generation Systems with the added benefit of a flared ring. This allows much easier release for the steering wheel by providing added leverage and grip onto the pull ring. Perfect for race applications where the use of gloves are required. Rings are also interchangeable for a variety of different color combinations.



NRG Real Carbon Fibre F1 Style Side Mirror Universal




In motorsports, carbon fiber is often used to construct bodywork or a monocoque chassis. This trend started in Formula 1 and has gradually been adopted in other forms of motor racing. Carbon fiber is commonly used in aftermarket motorcycle accessories because of its high rigidity, low weight and “trick” look. These parts range from small covers and panel replacements, through to entire frames and wheels. Part of the appeal is the regular use of carbon fiber by the racing teams, making similar parts desirable by modifiers and race-replica riders, but reducing the weight and increasing the strength of motorcycle parts can allow for vast improvements in the power-to-weight ratio and suspension response of the vehicle



NRG 3 Spoke, Fabric Deep Dish Racing Steering wheel, Comes with yellow marker , horn button, Aluminum black ring



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