Arospeed an infamous brand name in the motorsports arena is the brainchild of Mr.Howard Goh of Cybertech Enterprise. The emergence of Arospeed could have been due to the market’s inability to cater for the huge demand of performance parts, and capitalizing on that gave rise to the birth of Arospeed.

Howard’s background started very early in the world of motorsports where he was part of many famous brands that was part of his product line up. This included ‘Hurricane’ to name a few, which many people never knew that it was Howard’s brainchild. It was an exhaust mechanism that enhances your airflow that increases your horsepower which was the ‘Hurricane’. Much can be said from his antics and creative thinking of creating new concepts, but this was one of Howard’s favourites.




Arospeed is wholly owned by Cybertech Enteprise who are the importers and sole distributors of this product from the USA. A lot of technicality has gone into the research and development of Arospeed products which have enabled their sustainability in providing excellent value for performance.

Part of Arospeed’s direction is providing cars with the ability to enhance their performance by optimizing what is available in their cars without much internal modifications. Hence all Arospeed products undergo actual testing via R&D before being released into the market. Arospeed Cam & Crank pulleys are one of their fastest moving products which have been tried and tested in many various applications. Arospeed Adjustable Cam & Crank Pulleys is made by 6061-T6 billet aluminium. All pulleys undergo a final heat treatment to increase the hardness and tensile strength as alloy is ductile and malleable. The heat treatment enhances its internal strength, and the entire pulley is made of alloy hence realizing its super-lightweight body.


‘ Our products go through extensive testing before it is released into the market ; and we always try to evolve with the market needs and wants’ , said Howard. Thanks to the internet, Arospeed products are available in many various countries and it is no wonder that Cybertech Enterprise is enjoying its presence in the market place. As our market is filled with our local National cars, most models of Proton and Perodua have an Arospeed ready to be installed.

If one is looking for a good product that has been tested and tried, Arospeed is one of them. Not only do they have cam or crank pulleys, they also have an array of performance products such as meters, quick release steering hubs, oil catch tanks, and many more. For more details of Arospeed’s product line up, do log onto for their e-catalogue and dealer network.

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