Boxza Bangkok Gymkhana 2014

Boxza Bangkok Gymkhana 2014 was held at Bangkok Rama 9 Grand Central Plaza Car park. The event was held on 28th Sept 2014. Most of the participants were based from Thailand. Only 2 handfull of us were from Neighbouring countries. The exciting event made coverage on the live streaming site as it was shown live on webcast. Due to the amount of participants reaching more than 100, the event lasted from 8am until nightfall 1am. The concept of the gymkhana event was different from what we see here in Malaysia. It was a catch up battle where the car infront would lead and a few seconds later the 2nd car will be released to catch up. However, the timing will counted as they pass the first laser beam and finish the course to take the finishing laser beam for the result will be based on time displayed on the large LED board. Once the battle has ended, the winner will continue the next round to challenge the next battle and loser goes back to pit. The weather during the whole event was pretty gloomy as it rained thunderstorm in the morning until afternoon. The track was filled with puddles of stagnant water as the participants drifted through the course.

My turn was up and I went it the ladies category with 6-7 others ladies in my category.
It drove Samuel Young’s S15 for the first time it was pretty easy to handle, except the fact the handbrake was a bit out of place and had a hard time finding the handle. other than that it was pretty decent to drive, the car was very torquey as I launched in first gear the car position itself to the next cone in a second, the course was quite tight, and the car is long so I had some difficulties making sure I didn’t tail out and hit some innocent cones at the back as it slide.

Overall, I went through the battles one by one and made by way to the top 🙂 it was pretty happy feeling because it was my first Thailand Bangkok trip and I brought home a trophy YEY!

I would like to thank my sponsors for all the support
Big thanks to Prince Lubricants, GT Radial Malaysia and Thailand, Tom’s Stickers, The Action, Kurazmotorsports, MadDOG, Samuel Young, Akina Teo, Poh, Duncan, Elson, Mark Murphy, Jackson Foo

more sponsors Opal Automart , Cake Malaysia, Max3, Pitworks, Mechanix Gloves, MSD, Fuza Boutique, LB smart, Jun Racing Technology, Roadmaster Automotive, Beltenick.

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