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Drinking Good Tea to Replenish Water



While water should make up 70% of the human body weight at a healthy level, average score of the modern people is only in the range of 60-65%, thus exposing the body cells to a constant state of H2O deficiency. This dehydrated condition causes inefficient elimination of body toxins, resulting in morbidity, early death, and even canceration of body cells. The repercussions include constipation, insufficient level of moisture in the skin, pigmentation, the appearance of wrinkles, premature ageing, hair loss, and the list goes on. As such, it is imperative for us to replenish the body with sufficient water as an assurance for the maintenance of optimal health.



Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea make the ideal choice to replenish our body with a sufficient level of water. In fact, enjoying this tea on a daily basis not only contributes to water replenishment, but also imparts the body with many other health-giving benefits.




Lu Chin Lingzhi Tea is formulated through exclusive blending processes using Lingzhi, S. cassiae, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum, and Oolong tea as its ingredients, giving you a beverage of great taste and profound nourishment. With its unique colour, aroma, flavour, texture and tang. Lu chun Lingzhi Tea is absolutely the perfect drink for your health-car regimen.

Lingzhi: the macro molecular polysaccharide peptides, triterpenoids, Lingzhi necleotides, micromolectular protein, and various active constituents give Lingzhi its amazing properties for effective health enhancement.

S.Cassiae: Excellent in militating pathogenic heat, enhancing visual functions, moitening the gastrointestinal system, and encouraging smooth bowel movements.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum: Remarkable in removing phlegm, alleviating cough, and calming the nerves.

Oolong tea: Enriches the taste of the tea beverage and shades it with a tantalizing golden hue

The history of tea drinking as a part of our everyday life among all races dates back to several thousand of years. In Ben Cao Gang Mu or compedium of Materia Medica, which is today regarded as the most comprehensive work of ancient Chinese herbal books, Li Shizen of the Ming Dynasty postulated: “Tea is bitter in taste and has a cold nature, hence it makes a therapeutic beverage to militate pathgenic heat, which is a root-cause of a great number of health problems. By drinking it warm, it helps reduce body temperature. And by drinking it hot, it contributes to expelling the causative factors of fever.” This serves to explain why tea is natural drink with immense health-enhancing attributes. In addition to promoting the production of body fluids and quenching thirst, tea alsohas an amazing effect in relieving stress. More so, modern medical science has proven that tea drinking is exceptionally helpful in preserving physical well-being.


Gynostemma Pentaphyllum was originally found growing wild in temperate regions including Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, and the neighbouring countries. Belonging to the same famliy of plants as cucumber and melons, this perennial vein is not only consumed as food but also finds wide applications as a herbal remedy.

According to records of TCM pharmacopoeia, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum possesses the attributes of reducing inflammation, detoxifying the body, removing phlegm, alleviiating cough, relieaving the condition of chronic bronchitis, and bringing down the level oof blood sugar. With its unmistakable aroma of primordial origin and mildly sweet flavour, the Tea not only offers rich supply of water for replenishment by your body, but also aids in relieving tension, tranquilizing the mind, and encouraging sound sleep, making it a truly tasteful and nutritious beverage to rejoice life. Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea are today gaining popularity as health-enhancing drinks and the perfect options for all social occasions and settings.



Lu-Chun-Lingzhi Tea
Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea


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