Lacto-Berry! I Love it!!

lacto-berry probiotic
lacto-berry probiotic

The other day my mom made breakfast and fruit juice for me before i went to work.
I saw a box of this Lacto-Berry on the counter top and asked her..
“hey mom, can i add this into the fruit juice?”
she said yea! sure.. go ahead!.. and so I added into my mom’s mixed fruit juice and stirred it.
I drank the whole thing down.. and it tasted GOOD! Berry GOOD XD

During the day everything was normal … day time working, afternoon working.. then when it was in the Evening!!
I feld the urge to “number2” !! =poop XD
It was really quick one number2.. usually longer but today.. was pretty fast 😀
and it was a lot LOL!~ i canot believe it.. but yeah.. loads of P00P came out!

and I thought about it… never felt this good before … felt so much lighter.. UNBELIEVABLE!

Try it to believe it!! 😀

Who Needs Lacto-Berry?

In a word – everybody!
Pregnant ladies – it gives a stronger immune system to babies, hence reducing the chance of them getting allergic reactions when they grow up.
Babies who are not breastfed, to help them digest food better and boost up their immune system.
People with or without illness.
People who encounter daily stress.
Patients after medical treatment, as it helps reduce the side effects of medication.

What is Probiotics?

Probiotics, which offer immense health-giving benefits to the human body, refer to the friendly bacteria residing in our gastrointestinal tract. They are capable of improving the microbial balance in the intestines, apart from promoting healthy growth of our gut flora and reinforcing the immune mechanism in our bowel system. For people suffering from allergies, probiotics are helpful in subduing allergic responses and inflammations.

Major constituents: Bifidobacterium Lactis, Bifidobacterium Longum, Isomalt, Cranberry Powder, Raspberry Powder and Blueberry Powder.

RM89 = 30 sachet packs
{directions} Consume after meal. Do not mix with hot water or carbonated drinks.


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