Recently, I lost my touch ‘n go card ( Prepaid Debit Card ) due to carelessness. I went to KL using the Train and left in my pocket.. somehow during Dinner time.. it fell out of my pocket T_____T


I thought ALL my credit sure been use by the person who pick it up
after that I my mom said that I might be able to retrieve the rest of the money if i report a lost card..



So i went to their website to see
and i found the button!!
“report lost card”

but then there were some criteria that i didn’t meet.
it said credit above RM200 only they will go on with the claim

but i know my balance was like RM60+ so i just tried my luck! because still is money inside.. if got like RM0.10 then no use getting it back =.=

so i did the neccesary filling up of form and giving my Ic data,

I check back on my Touch ‘n go receipts and found the ID card number.

After a day, then i received good news that I could get back my balance.. but deduct RM10 for proessing fees .

Well at least i can get back 80% of my balance! which is good!!

so I waited for the cheque to send to me
Yesterday, i got my mail.. and i received a cheque from them!

now i’m so happy~
touch n go service isn’t that bad after all!!

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  1. touch n go is very accommodating I just lost also my card yesterday, sadly someone is using it….touch n go can manage to deposit back to your bank account any remaining balance and permanently block the lost card.

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